101 Advice on Anal Sex & Anal Sex Toys

Bodyjoys’ beginner’s guide to anal sex and anal sex toys

Ever gently touched – or massaged – your anus and noticed how sensitive and exhilarating it feels?

If the answer is yes, you might have already figured out that it is an amazing treasure trove of pleasure. Maybe after the first experience, you couldn’t resist going back, and exploring the incredible delights of this sensitive area of your body.

If not, there may be some stigma or doubt to overcome, which is why we’re here. Read on to learn more!

Intimidated by the thought of anal sex?

Anal sex has become mainstream for many folks, but we know first-hand that for others, venturing into the anal game can be intimidating and scary. If this is the case for you, please be assured that we take your concerns seriously.

Hopefully we can provide you with the advice you need in order to feel comfortable giving it a try, slowly and step by step. If it is not for you, you’ll soon find out – but not without trying!

What is it about anal sex? Why is it so thrilling and exciting?

Every human body has several thousand pudendal nerve endings in the anal region, so the anus is a true gold mine for excitement if you treat it right. Touch it, massage it, lick it…feeling the blissful sensations? Oh, yes? Go on then!

In male bodies, anal penetration allows the massaging of the prostate, or P-spot area, which is the male equivalent of the G-spot. And let us tell you, prostate stimulation feels like heaven…no wonder penis-owners love bottoming! Wearing a toy during intercourse just adds to the overall sensation.

And why do women enjoy anal play? In addition to the extra sensitivity involved, the tissue between the rectum and vagina is thin, allowing anal penetration to stimulate the front wall of the vagina where the G-spot is located. Many women enjoy double penetration for this reason, and wearing an anal toy during vaginal sex can be a real pleasure high (and highly fulfilling for those with threesome fantasies).

What are the different types of anal toys?

Your imagination is really the only limit when it comes to backdoor play – there are so many ways to integrate anal fun. You can even choose a cock ring with an integrated butt plug or an anal toy that's inflatable!

For your ease, we’ve divided the sprawling universe of anal sex toys into five broad categories, but there is, admittedly, quite a bit of overlap between the different types:

What are the pleasures and benefits of anal sex toys?

They just feel so good! And one of the beauties of anal play is that it is truly for everybody – for every gender, body, and orientation, for solo play and partnered pleasure.

Anal sex toys are masters of their trade, bringing maximum pleasure and fun to your bottoming sessions. Hence there are many benefits. People enjoy using these toys to:

  • Have fun and enjoy enormous pleasure
  • Enhance masturbation and intensify orgasms
  • Experiment and discover new erogenous hot spots on you and your partner’s body
  • Experience heightened sensation during foreplay and intercourse with your partner
  • Change your bedroom routine and deepen the bond with your partner
  • Enrich your sex life and sexual well-being

Remember: safety first when using anal sex toys

Anal sex toys are specially designed to be body-safe. They feature flared bases, so called stoppers, or handles to keep them comfortably in place and for easy retrieval. Do not use toys without those stoppers or handles, because if the inner anal muscle suddenly contracts, the toy can get lost in the rectum. Yep, it happens. So, flared bases, only, ever.

Also, we collated some further tips about safety and best practices to ensure that your anal sex toy play is a success. Here we go:

  • Hygiene: take a shower or give your intimate area a good clean, and ensure that the toy is squeaky clean as well
  • Cut your nails
  • Relax! Take this advice seriously: the more you can ease the tension in the rectum, the more comfortable the penetration will feel
  • Lube up: the rectum, unlike the vagina, does not self-lubricate, so always be really generous with lube. Use a special anal lube, or if that is not handy, a versatile water-based lube will do the trick
  • Go slow: don’t force anything, take your time, and go one step at a time. Stop if you experience any pain. It is good practice to start by massaging the anus and the inner rim (which is a pleasure on its own). Then slowly insert a lubricated finger, figure out how it feels and explore what works for you. Again, take your time! This will all help you to relax
  • Start small: begin with a small anal toy, ideally with a tapered tip and slender girth. Anal play needs practice, only choose a larger size when you feel ready for the next step (check size chart)
  • Clean up: hygiene is key to sex toy safety so please give your toy some care with a proper sex toy cleaner

One further thing to note: in order to avoid infection, never use a toy (or finger, or penis) that has been used in rear play to stimulate the vulva or clitoris.

Which anal sex toy is right for me?

Great, you’ve made up your mind and you’re ready to take the plunge! So let’s help you find the right anal sex toy for you.

As you’ll have noticed, you can choose from a big variety of anal toys. They are available in pretty much all shapes and sizes, and are designed for comfort and easy insertion. If you are a novice, start small and slender, maybe something with a tapered tip.

Read on to find out about the most popular anal sex toys and get set to choose the perfect playmate for you. All forms of butt toys have vibrating and non-vibrating versions, and many feature extras that bring additional sensations.

For further advice on how to enjoy backdoor fun, take a look at our better anal sex guide, and make sure to check out the better anal sex essentials.

The most popular types of anal sex toys – overview

Most popular anal sex toys – Beginners’ Anal Sex Toys

Our exciting introductory range of anal toys covers slimline butt plugs, small anal beads, tapered anal dildos and more. If you are undecided, our anal toy kits are a great place to start discovering the sensations of booty play.

Key features and benefits of beginners’ anal sex toys:

  • Easy to insert for backdoor beginners
  • Experiment and figure out what is right for you
  • Starts you off small and comfortable
  • Heighten sensation during foreplay and intercourse with your partner, or enjoy them just by yourself during some relaxed me-time

Check out our full range of beginners’ anal toys.

If you want us to choose for you, we recommend the vibrating Rocks-Off Bubbles Petite Sensations Anal Beads (see picture).

Most popular anal sex toys – Anal Sex Toy Kits

Our anal toy kits are wonderful for exploring the world of anal bliss. Anal toy sets are curated for orgasm-packed fun time and comprise many different anal stimulation toys, as well as anal training kits that allow you to work up to a gradually fuller stimulation.

Key features and benefits of anal sex toy kits:

  • Fun with your partner!
  • The anal toy kits allow you to experiment at your very own pace so you can figure out what you like as you go along
  • Great for spicing up your sex and love life and changing the bedroom routine – new discoveries and sensations guaranteed
  • Play increases relationship intimacy and the happiness you share

Interested? Browse our full range of exciting anal toy kits.

Can’t make up your mind which set to choose? We suggest trying the 3-piece multi-colour Booty Call Anal Plug Set by Satisfyer (see picture).

Most popular anal sex toys – Anal Beads

Anal beads are a series of spheres, typically connected by a cord or soft material, with a loop at one end for easy retrieval. These beads are designed for anal stimulation, offering heightened sensations especially upon removal.

Key features and benefits of anal beads:

  • For maximum delight, slowly remove the inserted beads when you hit climax to take your orgasm to a whole new level
  • The size of the beads typically increases from top to bottom, meaning you can insert as many or as few beads as feels comfortable
  • Some anal beads even come with a buzzing vibrator, adding an intense pulsating and rippling feel inside you
  • The simplest and most comfortable anal sex toy – perfect for beginners

Curious? Rightly so – check out our wide range of anal beads and try them for yourself.

Want to follow our recommendation? We suggest the vibrating Pearls Petite Sensations Anal Beads from Rocks-Off (see picture).

Most popular anal sex toys – Anal Vibrators

Anal vibrators spoil you with intense internal stimulation that can be felt throughout numerous erogenous zones. Anal vibrators come in a variety of shapes and styles, including anal beads, butt plugs, anal dildos and more.

Key features and benefits of anal vibrators:

  • Enjoy intensified orgasms – the vibrations feel particularly thrilling in the nerve-rich anal area
  • Add remote clitoral and perineal stimulation during anal play

For that extra buzz, shop our full collection of anal vibrators.

Bamboozled by the choice? We recommend Lelo's Loki Wave 2 Vibrating Prostate Massager in violet dusk colour(see picture).

Most popular anal sex toys – Anal Dildos

Anal dildos are smooth and contoured like normal dildos, but generally have a slimmer shaft, which makes them great for people new to anal stimulation and penetration. Anal dildos are designed in numerous shapes and sizes, may be realistic or non-phallic, and vary in terms of firmness, head forms and colour. Glass or metal dildos allow you to combine temperature play with firm stimulation.

Key features and benefits of anal dildos:

  • Ergonomically sculpted to target the P-spot (prostate) or the sensitive back wall of the vagina for the most pleasurable stimulation
  • Use during vaginal intercourse for a double penetration sensation

Shop our full range of anal dildos, and check out our dildos for men collection that caters more to the gay community. 

If you want our advice, we’d recommend the Hoop Stainless Steel Dildo from Le Wand (see picture).

Most popular anal sex toys – Prostate Massagers

Prostate stimulators are joyful backdoor wonder toys, cleverly designed to stimulate the male prostate and give mind-blowing pleasure. Explore this most erogenous area, located a few inches inside the rectum, and add another, more intense dimension to your orgasms during foreplay, intercourse or solo play.

Key features and benefits of prostate stimulators:

  • The P-spot is a muscular gland surrounded by sensitive nerve endings – the area is a pleasure hot spot that feels incredibly exciting when touched and massaged just right
  • The stimulators typically feature a smooth, rounded tip for easy insertion and are curved to best reach the prostate area

To see our full P-spot massager offering, check out our prostate stimulators (inc. rotating and vibrating P-spot massagers).

Not sure which prostate massager to buy? We recommend the vibrating Rocks-Off 7-Speed O-Boy Prostate Massager (see picture).

Most popular anal sex toys – Anal Cock Rings

Enjoy all the benefits of a cock ring alongside the deeper sensations of prostate stimulation. These dual sex toys basically combine classic cock rings with butt plugs or pulsing prostate massagers.

Key features and benefits of anal cock rings:

  • Enjoy a firmer, fuller erection and last longer to climax with an additional backstage thrill
  • Fantastic for enhancing pleasure for both you and your partner during intercourse
  • Some anal cock rings are designed with two holes to encase both your shaft and testicles
  • Most P-spot massagers vibrate to give mesmerising pleasure

Check out the full collection of anal cock rings.

Want to know what we would buy? It’s all about the vibrating Fantasstic Vibrating Butt Plug With Cock Ring (see picture).

Other incredibly popular anal sex toys

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