How to unleash the most intense orgasms with clitoral vibrators

Clitoral vibrators are some of the most popular sex toys out there, and for very good reason! Some of the most intense and sensual orgasms come purely from clitoris stimulation and it’s something you can enjoy just as much alone as with your partner. In this section we’ll answer some key questions about:

  • What is the clitoris?
  • What are clitoral vibrators?
  • How do clit suction vibrators work?
  • Ways to use a clitoral vibrator with a partner
  • A summary of the wide range of clitoral stimulation vibrators available

What is the clitoris?

The clitoris is the erogenous organ that sits at the meeting point of the labia, under the little hood of skin, and is your pleasure goldmine. Scientists believe it has no other purpose than pleasure.

Finding the C-spot will be much easier with your fingers than with your eyes, and you’ll be happy you did! But the pea-sized, visible tip is only the most sensitive part. The clitoris actually extends much further back into your body, sometimes reaching around 5 inches long. Remind you of anything else? (Anatomically, in fact, the clitoris and the penis share similarities.)

Because your clitoris reaches so far back, it can give full-body pleasure, and most women find clitoral stimulation the easiest way to achieve the biggest, most satisfying orgasms.

The wonders of clitoral vibrators

The truth is that, contrary to the portrayal of orgasmic potential in erotic films, most women don’t actually reach orgasm from purely penetrative sex. The clitoris is much more sensitive than the G-spot and requires its own special attention.

Sex toys designed to pleasure your clitoris are often small and discreet, but nevertheless, create a powerful climax that you won’t be able to get enough of.

Rabbit vibrators are a classic. They’re designed to reach the G-spot and C-spot simultaneously, with the two outer rabbit ears vibrating at various speeds against your clit while you’re getting off on the joys of penetration.

Bullet vibes are a little more discreet and travel-friendly. They’re simply a small, bullet-shaped vibrator that fits in your handbag unnoticed. Some even come in the shape of a lipstick, giving you the perfect alibi.

Clit suction vibes lavish your clit with the sensations of oral sex – if you are into cunnilingus, this vibrator will be your new best friend. Check out our separate clit sucker vibrator guide, and if you love oral sex you won’t want to miss this one.

How to use clitoral vibrators?

Clitoris vibes for solo play

Flying solo doesn’t need to mean having less fun. With some high-quality clitoris vibrators, the sensual experience is just as good as the real thing.

It’s great to mix it up a little, and a massage wand does just the trick. These hugely popular wands were originally used as massagers for aching muscles, with the smooth vibrating tip specifically designed to loosen you up. And what better way to relax than to lie back and satisfy your sexual desires.

If you’re looking to move your sexual experiences out of the bedroom, try some vibrating knickers or butterfly vibes. Set off body-shaking sensations and enjoy blissful, hands-free stimulation while you’re on the move. Other people in the supermarket won’t see anything except that sly smile and spring in your step.

Playing with a partner

When you invite your partner to join the fun, you can both experience the pleasures of deep, pulsing stimulation by using sex toys that target the clitoris.

Want to experience mind-bending pleasure together? Well, when worn during sex, couples’ clit and G-spot vibrators pleasure both of you, stimulating the clitoris on the outside and using an extra, thinner vibrator to stimulate the G-spot from within. The internal vibe leaves enough room for your partner to penetrate you as well, whilst also making the vaginal canal feel narrower and giving them that extra vibrating stimulation as they enter – you’re both guaranteed to hit an explosive climax!

Vibrating cock rings are another great way to enhance sexual pleasure. Simply slip it over the penis and you’ll receive G-spot stimulation and a little vibration on the clit each time he thrusts. The vibration also intensifies his experience too, so there shouldn’t be any complaints.

If you’re feeling spoilt for choice, we recommend Dream ToysGlam Pin Point Clitoral Stimulator (see picture) to get you started. Or check out our page of exciting clitoral vibrators and see what takes your fancy.

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