How to achieve sensational gratification from love egg vibrators

If you’re after something sensual and subtle, but at the same time a bit cheeky, a love egg vibrator covers all of the bases. These love eggs are not just for Easter weekend! Love egg vibrators are some of the most versatile sex toys out there and are an amazing starter toy if you’re looking to spice things up.

What is a love egg vibrator?

A love egg is a discreet and sensual sex toy. To get going, simply insert the eggs into your vagina – use a little water-based lube to make it more comfortable if you need to – and turn on the vibrations. These typically round or egg-shaped toys give you blissful vaginal and often also clitoral stimulation.

You operate the vibrator part either wirelessly or by remote control. Some vibrating eggs have a string attached that will stay on the outside (to make sure they don’t get stuck – or lost!) which you can use to pull them out when you’re completely satisfied.

How to make love egg vibes work for you

Love eggs can be used internally and externally. Some are designed to simultaneously stimulate your clitoris with vibration whilst massaging your G-spot internally, giving you blissful, full body, blended orgasms (trust us, once you start with these, you’ll find it very hard to stop).

However you choose to use them, they feel great, so experiment and enjoy yourself!

  • Heighten arousal in foreplay for both partners; the vibrations can be used to tease and torment different erogenous zones before taking things further
  • Let your partner take control, using different vibration speeds to really get you going
  • Most love eggs are wearable and can be enjoyed hands-free – pop them in on your way out of the house for cheeky adventures
  • During masturbation, use the love egg to massage your clitoris or insert it to stimulate the elusive G-spot area
  • Some couples like to use these during penetrative sex, either internally or externally

Love eggs come in a range of styles, each offering different types of pleasure. Try using the love egg with our tingling lubricants for extra sensation.

App-controlled love eggs for long-distance intimacy

Love egg vibrators are fantastic for fun with your partner…and they don’t even need to be by your side! Remote love eggs work with an app by which your partner can control the speed of the vibrations from their smartphone. This allows them to surprise you with sexy sensations from another room, neighbourhood…or continent!

Do these love egg toys sound right up your street? Then check out our full range of cheeky love egg vibrators.

If you are overwhelmed by the offering and need some help choosing, we recommend the trusted Magic Motion Magic Sundae App-Enabled Love Egg (pictured).

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This simple-seeming love egg is anything but! Magic Sundae is an app-controlled toy. It is smart, and powerful, with a tungsten steel motor and self-driving spiral structure to ensure your enjoyment, wherever you are. Use the app to choose from multiple pre-set patterns, or customise your own.

...or if it’s for a long-distance relationship, check out the Esca2 Kiiroo Wearable Massager from OhMiBod (pictured).

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The OhMiBod Esca2 is a wearable, internal massager and vibrator for women with a G-spot centric, bulbous design that can be worn hands-free. Control it via Bluetooth and let your partner run the show from across the room, or hook it up to the app and enjoy a long-distance, virtual love session that will get you feeling re-connected. This premium sex-tech pleasure toy features LED lights which sync to the vibrations, offering visual feedback for your partner.