Sex Toy Cleaning & Care Guide

Keep your toys safe and in good shape with proper cleaning and care

Love your sex toys back! Keep your collection in pristine condition and your toys will always be ready to go and feel like new every time you play.

In order to get the most out of your treasures and to ensure safe and hygienic play, it’s important to give your sex toys the best possible care. We’ve made this easy for you with this guide, which covers the following:

  • How to clean you sex toys
  • How to store your sex toys
  • How to pimp your sex toys with accessories
  • How to keep your sex toys in good operating order

Sex toys are only safe when they are clean and well-functioning

Please look after your sex toys and keep them clean and fresh all the time so they can continue taking care of you!

Hygiene is essential for safe play, and to ensure you get maximum satisfaction from your toys again and again.

Have your toys on stand-by in case desire overcomes you! Keep them fully charged to be ready for spontaneous pleasure, and regularly renew and stock up on batteries.

How to clean sex toys

Clean sex toys after every use, and also make sure that they are clean before use. All toys need to be carefully cleaned and dried, and the best way to keep them looking shiny and squeaky clean is typically by using a sex toy cleaner and warm water.

With electric/motorised toys, be careful when using water. Make sure they are submersible or waterproof before cleaning them under the tap or in the sink. If they’re not, it’s better to simply use a special toy cleaner with a moist cloth, or a special cleaning wipe. If the toy features batteries, remove them before cleaning.

Non-porous materials, such as pure silicone, glass and metal, can be boiled for sterilisation, as long as the toy is waterproof and doesn’t feature a motor inside. Five to ten minutes submerged in boiling water is typically enough to sterilise toys.

Let your toys dry before you pack them away. You may want to use a towel, but don’t put them on or near a heat source! After cleaning and drying, store each toy separately, ideally using a storage bag.

For sex toys made of realistic feel materials (typically male masturbators), the normal cleaning steps apply, but we recommend that you apply a renewing or refreshing powder at the end, which will keep them supple – they may become sticky if you don’t. You will notice that different brands will have their own powders to go with their patented materials.

However, wherever, and with whomever you have used the toy, the cleaning process will be pretty much the same for all. The variable steps will depend much more on the material of the toy than on whether you used it vaginally, anally, or orally.

Our antibacterial sex toy cleaners, wipes and sprays let you take optimal care of your toy collection without damaging it – check out our full range of sex toy cleaners.

For our most universal sex toy cleaner, shop the Me You Us Clean Spritx Sex Toy Cleaner (pictured).

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If you prefer to refresh your beauties with a luxurious, fast-acting cleaner, check out the Premium Toy Cleaning Spray from Lelo (pictured).

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How to pimp your sex toys with accessories

Do you always feel stuck in the same routine with your sex toy, and are looking to add a thrill? Or perhaps your favourite toy is getting old and shows signs of wear?

There are plenty of helpful accessories available to help you upgrade your playmate. Whether you are looking for wand attachments, air pumps, renewing powder, hands-free toy holders, replacement parts, or something else, browse our extensive range of sex toy accessories.

If you fancy turning your wand into a G-spot and clit vibrator, then check out the Wand Essentials Euphoria G-Spot and Clit Wand Attachment (pictured).

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Want to play hands-free with your Fleshlight? Shop the Fleshlight Shower Mount (pictured) to enjoy a doggy-style bathroom fantasy.

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Use the Fleshlight Shower Mount to secure your favourite Fleshlight masturbator to any shiny surface (flooring or tiled wall). You already use the stroker in the shower, so why not give it a boost?

How to keep your sex toys in good working order

Have the right sex toy chargers and adapters handy

We recommend keeping your sex toys fully charged so that a flat battery won’t let you down when you’re in the mood. Make sure you have all the necessary accessories to hand to recharge your toys after play.

Many people don’t like leave their sex toys behind when they travel. Tour your favourite toys around the world and pack them together with the necessary chargers and adapters.

Shop our full range of sex toy chargers and adapters.

Keep your sex toys clean with proper storage

Once your toys are clean and gleaming, you want them to remain free from dust, moisture and impurities. Hence, for safe and hygienic play, it’s important to keep your toys properly stored.

We also recommend slipping each toy into its own storage bag as certain materials may react against each other.

Whether you are looking for sex toy bags, pouches, boxes or containers, our sex toy storage range offers plenty of ideas for keeping your collectibles in their best and most playable condition.