The 10 best couples’ sex toys for different occasions and desires

The fact that you’re here is good news – it means that you and your partner are ready to explore new highs on the climb to Mount Orgasm. We’ve curated a list of the 10 best couples’ sex toys guaranteed to give you some seriously peak experiences.

Studies show that most women need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm, and that penetration on its own usually does not suffice. Integrating some buzzing toys to your play will add extra sensation, leaving you both more satisfied in bed.

Sex toys for couples not only help shake things up in the bedroom, but also increase your intimate bond. Sex toys allow you explore sex play outside the regular routine and conjure more intense facets of the pleasures you already enjoy.

Yes, we agree with many of you that basically any sex toy that gives you pleasure can be enjoyed with your partner! Our curated selection of sex toys for couples simply points you directly to the toys we believe can be particularly enjoyable to use with a playmate.

What is the best couples’ sex toy to use during intercourse?

Rocks-Off Two-Vibe Ultimate Flexible Pleasure Couples’ Vibe Pink | Clitoral Vibrator | Rocks-Off | Bodyjoys
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The pink Two-Vibe is a dual-motored couples’ or solo vibrator by Rocks-Off with a flexibility that allows you to adjust it to the most satisfying fit. The super soft, fully bendable shaft allows you to explore multiple penetrative possibilities either with your partner, or for a thrilling solo session. The slim insertable shaft is slender enough to be worn during penetrative sex, and the ergonomic stimulation point can be uniquely positioned to target your favourite hot spot.

What is the best sex toy for couples’ foreplay?

Evolved Thorny Rose Dual End Massager | Clitoral Suction Vibrator | Evolved Novelties | Bodyjoys
Regular price £99.99
Regular price Sale price £99.99

This innovative take on the rose-shaped clitoral stimulator alternates tongue-flicking sensation with internal vibration to send you over the edge. This dual-ended vibrator has two motors, a flexible shaft, and double the pleasure – just flip it over for clitoral or vaginal stimulation, depending on your desire.

What is the best vibrator for couples?

Satisfyer Partner Whale Couples Vibrator | Clitoral Vibrator | Satisfyer | Bodyjoys
Regular price £36.99
Regular price Sale price £36.99

The cute and fresh design of the Partner Whale couples vibrator makes this an excellent toy for couples new to sex toys and looking to add that little something extra to their bedroom routine. Worn during lovemaking, this body-friendly, silky silicone vibrator offers internal G-spot and vaginal stimulation, clitoral vibration, as well as providing tingling stimulation for the penis during intercourse.

What is the best oral sex simulator for couples?

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Skins Rose Buddies The Rose Lix Clitoral Massager Red | Clitoral Vibrator | Skins | Bodyjoys
Regular price £33.99
Regular price £39.99 Sale price £33.99

The red Rose Lix from Skins’ Rose Buddies collection mimics the feeling of your partner’s sensual licking tongue. Designed with thigh-quivering orgasms in mind, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with this cutie. The ultimate kiss from a rose comes in a very discreet design, and offers you 10 wonderful pleasure settings to choose from.

What is the best strap-on sex toy for couples?

Fetish Fantasy Series Beginners Strap-On For Him Dildo | Strap-On Set | Pipedream | Bodyjoys
Regular price £34.99
Regular price Sale price £34.99

Pleasure your partner with the erotic thrill of penetration with the Fetish Fantasy Series Beginner’s Strap-On For Him Dildo. This is perfect for her to strap-on and penetrate her lover’s anus, for a deeper sexual experience. The size and ease of use make it great for beginners’ pegging play.

What is the best sex toy kit for couples?

Loveboxxx Romantic Couples Sex Toy Deluxe Gift Set | Sex Toy Set | LoveBoxxx | Bodyjoys
Regular price £104.99
Regular price Sale price £104.99

If you are looking for a great gift for you and your partner, this deluxe Enjoy Each Other sex toy set from Loveboxxx is the perfect choice for you. This erotic box gift sex contains a combination of toys for men and women, and comes in a luxurious and discreet box with a beautiful design.

What is the best anal sex toy for couples that want to experiment?

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Barcelona Purple Anal Pleasure Play Set 2 Pieces | Anal Sex Toy Set | Rimba | Bodyjoys
Regular price £21.59
Regular price £23.99 Sale price £21.59

This silky set of two silicone anal toys by Rimba is designed for beginners. Featuring a jewelled butt plug and safe set of anal beads, this is the perfect sex toy starter pack for exploring backdoor pleasures.

What is the best sex toy for long-distance relationships?

Kiiroo Onyx2 And Pearl2 Couple Set | Sex Toy Set | Kiiroo | Bodyjoys
Regular price £299.99
Regular price Sale price £299.99

The Couple Set 2 from Kiiroo is a his and hers couples’ sex toy kit that’s perfect for long-distance lovers. Including two devices equipped with technology that allows you to feel every movement made on your device, you can link them both up to the app for interactive pleasure. Touch sensors in the Pearl2 send signals to Onyx2, allowing you both to feel the movements and sensations of intercourse in real-time.

What is the best vibrator for foreplay massage?

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Rocks-Off Oriel Rechargeable Couples’ Play Wand Purple | Massage Wand Vibrator | Rocks-Off | Bodyjoys
Regular price £42.49
Regular price £49.99 Sale price £42.49

The purple (Fuchsia) Oriel Ultimate Couples’ Play Wand is a luxuriously sleek vibrating wand massager that features an intuitive design. Made for deep exploration and all-over stimulation, its gently flexing neck ensures you won’t experience friction or overstimulation. With a bulbous head made of sensuously soft silicone, enjoy satisfying vibrations wherever you want them.

What is the best multi-teaser couples sex toys?

Essentials Couples Multi-Teaser Black | Couples Vibrator | Dream Toys | Bodyjoys
Regular price £64.99
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Ignite passion and playfulness with the Couples Multi-Teaser from Dream Toys’ Essentials collection. The versatile stimulator is your key to unlocking a treasure trove of delight across multiple erogenous zones. Whether you desire a tantalising touch for the penis, clitoris, labia, or nipples, this dynamic pleasure enhancer sets the stage for electrifying shared experiences, making it the quintessential companion for couples.