101 Advice on Couples’ Sex Toys

Bodyjoys’ beginner’s guide to couples’ sex toys

Sex toys aren’t just fun when you’re single! This is a common misconception. Sex toys can be very well integrated into relationships and bring added excitement to your sex life. You don’t need to wait for Valentine’s Day to treat yourselves to something special that you will both love.

Ultimately, couples’ sex toys are an investment into your relationship and your sexual well-being. Sex toys can help you feel even more close and connected to each other.

Why many couples choose to use sex toys in their relationship

The best couples’ sex toys are the ones that give stimulation and pleasure to both of you. Whether you use toys during sensual foreplay or passionate sex, there is a wonderful variety of options for adding new sensations to your intimate play. Couples that play together, stay together!

Sex toys add sensations that we can’t perform with our fingers, tongues, or private parts alone…we don’t vibrate, an erection never feels as hard as glass, and you can’t have cunnilingus and penetrative sex at the same time (at least, not in pairs). That said, sex toys are by no means a replacement for your partner, as the delights of using sex toys as a couple is more about your relationship than the toy itself.

Sex with your partner isn’t just one specific act for one specific purpose. Similarly, couples choose to add sex toys to their play for many different reasons:

  • To share the fun and pleasure of extra stimulation
  • To increase the intimacy and happiness that you share together
  • To experiment, explore new pleasures and learn new things about each other’s hot spots
  • To switch up your regular bedroom routine and add some spice
  • To enhance sexual pleasure and reach orgasms together
  • To improve your relationship and your sexual well-being

In another context, sex toys also open up fabulous opportunities for those that struggle to enjoy sexual pleasure or to reach orgasm without additional help, whether because of physical disabilities, erectile dysfunction, sensitivity issues, or other factors.

Which couples’ sex toy is right for you and your partner?

The truth is – just about any sex toy can be a couples’ sex toy! Their use is as varied as the individuals within a given relationship, and the toys don’t just have to be used for penetrative sex. We use the term ‘couples’ sex toys’ as a way of zooming in on the toys that we believe are particularly enjoyable for partnered pleasure, and especially for couples that are new to sex toys.

There are no rules – whatever toy gives you pleasure is a great toy for you!

Some things to consider when choosing a toy:

  • You make the rules (together)
  • Talk to your partner to find out how they feel about trying something new
  • If they’re into it, surprise them with a new toy
  • Sex toy kits make great gifts and offer lots to explore
  • If the first toy you chose didn’t work out, try a different kind – there are plenty of play styles and sensations to choose from

If you intend to surprise your partner, make sure you choose a sex toy they will enjoy – don’t forget to add lube to the order. If you’re not sure what they might like, have a conversation to test the water and see if there’s something you both like the sound of. Apart from helping you to choose the perfect toy, such a conversation may also allow you to speak more openly and learn new things about each other’s desires and fantasies.

We’ve observed that many couples who want to introduce toys to their bedroom play and explore their sexuality together opt for our sex toy kits; this is what they’re designed for! Kits offer a sensible way to familiarise yourself with a variety of toys and to experiment with new sensations and dynamics. You will quickly find out what you both like most, and then you can take it from there.

Foreplay is all about getting in the right mood, building emotional affection with your partner and heightening arousal before lovemaking. Try teasing each other’s erogenous areas with foreplay vibrators like clitoral stimulators or finger vibes. If you’re ready to explore the sensations of anal stimulation, there are plenty of wonderful starter toys you can choose from, such as anal beads or butt plugs.

Let’s be honest – most sex toys for couples target the C-spot, or incorporate some form of penetration or anal play. But let’s not forget the penis! Cock-pleasure-centred toys, like cock rings, allow both partners to feel new sensations. If you like the thought of watching your partner in the throes of pleasure, another option could be a stroker or an oral sex simulator.

Strap-ons, of course, are made for playmates. Whether for lesbian couples or straight couples who are into pegging play, a strap-on always brings the heat.

There’s something out there to suit just about any couple, budget, and preference. A sex toy also makes a great gift for your partner, not least because you can expect to share the benefits!

We’ve devised our couples’ sex toy selection to ease you into the most popular styles, and so that you can best figure out which ones are right for you. The toys selected aim at introducing a new dimension of joy into your relationship – hopefully one or some of them will make it into your sexual repertoire.

Check out the categories and see which one jumps out at you. If you are undecided but tempted by a particular style of toy, we’ve recommended a top pick for each type. Also, you might want to take a look at out our blog 7 steps to improve your sex life with your partner.

The most popular types of couples’ sex toys – overview

Most popular couples’ sex toys – Vibrators for Couples

Enjoy new romantic highs by integrating a couples’ vibrator into your lovemaking. Discover handheld and wearable designs, toys that can be enjoyed by both of you simultaneously, and on each other’s erogenous zones. Our expansive range covers remote control vibrating eggs, bullets, massage wands, vibrating cock rings, dual stimulation vibrators, strap-on dildos and more.

Key features and benefits of vibrators for couples:

  • Have fun together
  • Spice up your sex and love life and change your bedroom routine
  • Increase relationship intimacy and happiness
  • Explore new delights together, discover new hotspots and erogenous zones
  • Most toys can be used during penetrative sex, allowing you to enhance sexual pleasure and reach orgasms together
  • …vibrators can also be used for solo play when your other half is not available!

Browse our full range of mind-blowing couples’ vibrators end enjoy yourselves.

Or take our word for it – we recommend Lelo’s Tiani 3 Couples Luxury Massager (see picture).

Most popular couples’ sex toys – App-Controlled Vibrators

App-enabled vibrators can be controlled from the comfort of your smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing you to hand complete control of your pleasure over to your partner (or vice versa), connecting them, virtually and immediately, straight to your most intimate areas.

The functionalities of these toys offer plenty of options for fun and pleasure at home, as well as surreptitious play in public!

Key features and benefits of app-controlled vibrators:

  • Adjust the mode, intensity and power of your partner’s orgasm from a phone screen, wherever you are
  • App-controlled toys add excitement and fun to any sex play but are a particularly ingenious resource for long-distance relationships

Want to add some sex tech to your relationship? Choose from our exciting range of app-controlled vibrators.

Alternatively, we recommend heading straight for the Magic Motion Magic Sundae App-Enabled Love Egg (see picture).

Most popular couples’ sex toys – Vibrating Knickers

Vibrating knickers (or panty vibrators) empower you in discreetly naughty play. Knicker vibrators boast a hidden pocket for you to slip your favourite bullet vibrator into for hands-free play. Your partner will love being in charge of the remote control!

Key features and benefits of vibrating knickers:

  • Vibrating knickers give pinpointed clitoral and broad vulval stimulation
  • Especially designed for sneaky thrills on the go – no one except your partner will know the reason for that blissful smile
  • Fun, naughty and playful
  • Increase intimacy and happiness in your relationship

To enjoy big fun in your smalls, browse our full range of sensual vibrating knickers.

If you’d like us to choose for you, consider the Vivre Gigi Panty Vibe (see picture).

Most popular couples’ sex toys – Butterfly Vibrators

Butterfly vibrators provide you with sensuous C-spot stimulation. Designed to sit on or against your clitoris, these toys send thrilling vibrations directly into your sweetest spot. Butterfly vibrators are mostly remote-controlled and typically include a strap-on harness or a suction cup to enhance sensation and keep them in place as you move.

Key features and benefits of butterfly vibrators:

  • Butterfly vibrators give discreet but intense, pinpointed C-spot stimulation
  • Wear for private fun or for a naughty thrill in public – give the remote control to your partner and let them surprise you

Browse our full range of wonderful butterfly vibrators.

If you asked us, we’d recommend the Luxe Butterfly Clitoral Teaser (see picture).

Most popular couples’ sex toys – Oral Sex Toys for Couples

Oral sex toys for couples are designed to add a fun new twist to the pleasures of giving and receiving fellatio and cunnilingus. From blowjob strokers to tongue vibrators and clitoral suction vibrators, you will find an fascinating range of sensuous toys to be used with oral play.

Key features and benefits of oral sex toys for couples:

  • Everything that supports and enhances oral satisfaction is always welcome – right?
  • Giving and receiving – these wonderful playmates help you on both sides
  • Great to explore and discover new techniques and sensations
  • Deepen your knowledge of your partner’s body and pleasure
  • Change your sex routine and bring the bedroom temperature to boiling point
  • Enhance your mutual sexual well-being and happiness

If you’re into the exquisite sensations of fellatio and cunnilingus (who isn’t?), browse our full range of exciting couples oral sex toys.

In a rush but don’t want to miss out? Head straight for the Unihorn Mount’n Peak Swirling Tongue Mini Unicorn Vibe (see picture).

Most popular couples’ sex toys – Bath Sex Toys

The stimulation from our bath sex toys will allow you to completely indulge during a steamy soak. Use the toys on you and your partner’s erogenous zones for a steady build-up of pleasure and enjoy a blissful release in no time.

Key features and benefits of bath sex toys:

  • Pamper yourself and your partner with sensual bathtub play and enjoy rippling, full-body waves of pleasure
  • Ideal for those who need to feel relaxed to become aroused
  • Increase your bond as a couple and enjoy mutual sexual happiness

Take a look at our full collection of bath sex toys to pursue the delights of wet pleasure.

If you want us to choose a bathtub toy for you, we suggest the Aqua Mini Rechargeable Silicone Waterproof Massager from Bodywand (see picture).

Other incredibly popular couples’ sex toys

As we said earlier, every sex toy is potentially a couples’ sex toy, as long as you both fancy playing with it and it adds fun and pleasure to your relationship. Please check out other guides in our advice section to learn more about the following types of popular toys:

Cock rings

  • Probably the most popular and underrated couples’ sex toy – we definitely recommend consulting our separate cock ring guides.


  • Don’t miss out on increasingly popular strap-on play – learn more in our strap-on guides.

Anal sex toys

  • Talk to your partner and explore! You’ll find everything you need to know for an exciting (and comfortable) experience in our anal sex and anal toy guides.

Double-ended dildos

  • Intimidated? Don’t be! We break it down in our dildo guides.