101 Advice on Dildos

Bodyjoys’ beginner’s guide to dildos

Tinkering with the idea of buying a dildo? Curious, excited, keen to know a little more? Well, you are not the first to entertain the possibility. Archaeologists have discovered dildos dating back thousands of years – all the way to the stone age, and yes, they were sculpted from stone! So you are in time-honoured and trustworthy hands here.

Not for nothing has the dildo remained the most popular sex toy. A dildo is designed for vaginal or anal penetration, but it can be used in many ways that give pleasure and enhance your sexual experience. Dildos typically resemble the look and shape of an erect penis, but they also come in non-phallic designs and in all colour schemes imaginable.

What is the difference between a dildo and a vibrator?

There is a certain overlap in terms of what dildos and vibrators can do for you, but there are crucial differences! First and foremost, technically, dildos don’t vibrate (well, most don’t, but there are always a few exceptions to create confusion!).

The other major difference is that vibrators are not only used for penetration but also for external, especially clit-centric, stimulation. Another difference is that dildos typically offer less frills and less tech, and are more phallic and raunchier than their sleeker, vibrating mates.

What are the pleasures and benefits of using a dildo?

Dildos are used by all genders and sexualities for masturbation or partnered sex play, which already tells us a lot about the dildo’s versatility. They provide stimulation, via thrusting, to the G-spot, the prostate, and other parts of the vagina or anus.

Dildos are good fun, and there are many reasons why people can’t keep their hands off them. Some of these include:

  • To have fun and elevate your mood
  • To experiment in very easy ways – great for newbies to the realm of sex toys
  • To enhance masturbation and get the job done – dildos are made to please!
  • To heighten arousal in foreplay and excitement in sex play
  • To share fun with your partner

Dildos can also help you to maintain vaginal health. Masturbation, and with a dildo in particular, exercises the pelvic floor muscles and increases the circulation of blood and hormones to the vaginal area. Some sexual health experts even recommend dildos to treat pelvic floor spasms and vaginismus. You may want to check out our love eggs and kegel balls guides and our female dilator guide to learn more about toys that promote vaginal health.

Which dildo is right for me? How do I choose a dildo?

There is a truly overwhelming variety of dildos to choose from. The good news is that, using our guide to help you navigate the possibilities, you are sure to find one that is just right for you. With such a vast offering, every desire is catered to.

Before diving into the details of each category, let’s cover a few basics about dildos that will help you to make an informed purchase in terms of look, feel, shape, and other play possibilities.

In terms of visuals, dildos are either realistic-looking, or sport a more neutral, non-phallic design. The latter may be a bit less intimidating for a first-time dildo purchase. In addition to looks, their textures range in terms of realistic feel, firmness, shape of the head, and some dildos embed a vibrator.

Dildos that feature a suction cup will attach to any smooth surface, which is great for hands-free fun. Such dildos are typically also compatible with harnesses, meaning they will double up for use during a steamy strap-on session with a partner. If you fancy using a dildo for backdoor play, make sure it has a flared base. Strap-on and anal dildos can of course also be used vaginally.

Some dildos are truly impressively sized. Unless you know you prefer a big, girthy one, start small and simple and gradually work your way up (check size chart). Most dildos are made of high-quality silicone or skin-safe rubber but you may choose a dildo made of glass or metal if you fancy the distinct feel of these materials, or want to experiment with temperature play. And then there are the double-ended or double-penetration dildos, which offer additional options in both solo and partnered play.

Do you hate to be separated from your partner’s penis? Well, cloning your man’s manhood is easier than you’d think, thanks to our dildo moulding sets. Check out the dildo moulding guide to learn more.

How do I use a dildo?

Once you have the dildo in your hand, things will develop very intuitively. You will instantly know what to do with it and where to put it. That being said, our advice is designed to help make your experience as pleasurable and satisfying as possible.

Dildos are typically designed for vaginal and anal penetration. If you’re looking to use your dildo for clitoral stimulation, while a conventional dildo may not be the best choice, a vibrating dildo may be just the thing. The role you want to give your new playmate is really for you to decide.

No matter which dildo you choose, use plenty of lube. The dildo’s material causes more friction than a penis, and hence using lube is key to a pleasurable experience. In general, we recommend using water-based lube, which is the most versatile, but there are lots of more specified options dependent on the type of play intended (see our lubricant guides).

Don’t be shy to experiment – the journey to becoming dildo-savvy is full of sensations. Try out different sizes, shapes and materials and find out what is best for you. Start small and progress at your own pace to keep the experiences positive. You’ll be going wild with your suction cup dildo in no time! And there’s a variety of ways to introduce strap-ons to straight and same sex relationships for pleasure-packed sessions (see our strap-on guides).

As you can see, there is plenty to be explored, discovered and enjoyed. Read on about the most popular types of dildos and you will be all set to choose the perfect one for you. We’ve also offered a top pick for every category, if you’d like to take our word for it.

The most popular types of dildos – overview

Most popular dildos – Realistic Dildos

Inspired by nature’s own impeccable design, realistic dildos are highly detailed, with pulsating veins, a glans and bulging balls. These penis dildos are available in every length and girth imaginable and vary in terms of realistic feel, firmness, glans, skin tone, etc.

Key features and benefits of realistic dildos:

  • Most lifelike feel
  • Dildo-typical fulfilling and intense internal stimulation
  • Surface textures (i.e. exaggerated veins) may provide a pleasurable extra thrill
  • Visual and psychological stimulation
  • Easy to handle – great for sex toy novices
  • A great substitute for when the real thing is not available

Does this sound right for you? Browse our complete range of very popular realistic dildos and take your pick. Check out our clear dildos if you fancy a translucent look.

If you’re ready to kick it off and want to play it safe, then consider the reliable Ultra Soft Dude 7-Inch Dildo from Lovetoy (see picture).

Most popular dildos – Non-Phallic Dildos

If you enjoy intense penetration but feel uncomfortable with a life-like look, then the more neutral, non-phallic dildos are for you. They feature fun and colourful designs, and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Key features and benefits of non-phallic dildos:

  • Sexy, sleek shafts in beautiful colours
  • Easy to handle – great for sex toy beginners
  • Many find non-phallic dildos less intimidating than their realistic counterparts
  • Intense internal stimulation
  • The preferred choice for those who aren’t interested in cocks

Browse our full range of exciting non-phallic dildos.

If you want us to decide for you, we say go for the blue 5.5-Inch Ripple G-Spot Peg Dildo by Me You Us (see picture).

Most popular dildos – Suction Cup Dildos

Suction cup dildos can be attached to any smooth, hard surface for hands-free fun (doggy style in the shower is an international favourite). A suction cup dildo belongs in any bedside drawer, guaranteeing you a thrusting good time, every time.

Key features and benefits of suction cup dildos:

  • Attachable to any smooth, hard surface to use hands-free
  • Intense internal G-spot stimulation
  • Great for sex toy novices
  • Equally perfect for solo play and shared fun with your partner
  • Have a threesome without a third person joining in
  • Can be used with strap-on harnesses for lesbian and pegging play

Shop our full collection of suction cup dildos and get ready to experience mind-blowing sensation.

If you’re ready to own your own, we recommend the transparent RealRock 6-Inch Realistic Crystal Clear Dildo in pink (see picture).

Most popular dildos – Glass Dildos

Charming glass dildos offer beautiful designs, firm stimulation and the possibility for sensual temperature play. And you can play worry-free, as they are made from toughened glass that will not shatter, break or chip.

Key features and benefits of glass dildos:

  • Designed for penetrative vaginal (G-spot) or anal sex (P-spot)
  • Firm internal stimulation
  • Aesthetically pleasing designs, often with added texture for extra sensations
  • Comfortable and smooth to insert – even more so when used with long-lasting silicone lube
  • Great for sensual temperature play with your partner
  • Incredibly hygienic and easy to keep clean

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Alternatively, follow our recommendation and opt for the pink Textured Glass Dildo (see picture) – a great choice.

Most popular dildos – Metal Dildos

Sculpted for G-spot and anal pleasure, metal dildos captivate with elegant designs and firm stimulation. Some find stainless steel sex toys intimidating simply because of their weight – if only they knew about the metal toy’s capabilities!

In addition to a beautiful aesthetic, the key features and benefits of metal dildos are:

  • Fantastic for firm, penetrative G-spot and prostate stimulation
  • Heavy and rigid with a very smooth surface – easy to insert
  • Give a unique and special sensation
  • Toys can be used with long-lasting silicone lube
  • Great for enjoying temperature play with your partner
  • Great for beginners to sex toys
  • Hygienic, very easy to keep clean
  • They last a lifetime!

Discover more in our full range of shiny metal dildos.

For a great introduction to the realm of metal dildos, we recommend the luxurious Hoop Stainless Steel Dildo from Le Wand (see picture).

Most popular dildos – Silicone Dildos

Silicone dildos boast flexible, pliable shafts and offer gentle, sensual, lifelike stimulation. Ideal for beginners, silicone dildos are a hugely popular choice thanks to the titillating sensations the material provides. They feature realistic or non-phallic looks and come in lots of colourful designs.

Key features and benefits of silicone dildos:

  • Sensual internal G-spot stimulation
  • Great for novices to sex toys
  • Firm structure with a wonderful softness
  • Can be enjoyed by all sexes, and in solo or partnered play
  • Suitable for those who suffer from latex allergies
  • Hypoallergenic, odourless, waterproof and easy to clean
  • Very durable, you’ll enjoy the fun for years to come

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If you asked us which one to choose, we’d recommend the pink 7-Inch Premium Silicone Dildo from SilexD (see picture).

Most popular dildos – G-spot Dildos

G-spot dildos are perfectly sculpted to give you blissful vaginal orgasms. The forward-shaped curve and pronounced ridge give optimal stimulation to the inner front wall of your vagina. You can choose from an incredibly wide range of G-spot dildos – we’d be surprised if only one of them sparks your curiosity.

Key features and benefits of G-spot dildos:

  • Perfectly curved to stimulate your G-spot area
  • Easy to handle – great for beginners to sex toys
  • Perfect for solo play but also fun in partnered play
  • Many users find that G-spot stimulation gives deeper, more intense sensation than clitoral stimulation

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In a rush? We recommend the Lazy Buttcock 6.5-Inch Dildo (see picture).

Most popular dildos – Dildo Vibrators

Dildo vibrators combine the look and feel of a penis with powerful direct stimulation that will give you spine-tingling stimulation. The styles vary from realistic to non-phallic, and are available in any length, girth and colour scheme imaginable. Some even feature a suction cup for hands-free play.

Key features and benefits of vibrating dildos:

  • The extra buzz gives a boost to regular dildo play
  • Intense internal stimulation
  • Enhanced masturbation and more intense orgasms
  • Many have special textures that will give pleasurable extra thrills
  • Great for novices to sex toys
  • Equally suited to solo play and shared fun with your partner
  • A must-have in any advanced sex toy collection

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Or take our word for it – we recommend the Vortex Wireless Turbo Shaft Rotating Vibrator by Femme Funn (see picture).

Most popular dildos – Large Dildos

Large dildos hit the spots that other sex toys simply cannot reach. These mighty toys – some are truly massive – give you the extra inches in length and girth needed to satisfy your biggest desires! Large dildos come in a wide range of textures, colours and some also feature suction cups or inflatable technology.

Key features and benefits of large dildos:

  • Not for the faint-hearted, not for newbies!
  • Made for experienced enthusiasts that want more length and a thicker girth for the sensation of being completely filled
  • The most intense internal stimulation
  • Textured for pleasurable extra stimulation
  • Large dildos can cause arousal simply due to the visual stimulation. Imagine the challenge that awaits…
  • …they are bigger than what you can find in the real world!

If you feel you can handle it, browse our full range of mighty large dildos and giant dildos and for the most daring our extreme dildos. You’ll definitely want to make sure you’re stocked up on lube.

If you are ready to go and want to follow our recommendation, opt for the impressive B Yours Plus Hefty N’ Hung 14-Inch Transparent Dildo in purple (see picture).

Most popular dildos – Double-Ended Dildos

Double-ended dildos add a raunchy pleasure factor to your sexual activities, offering two ends to play with. They may look a little intimidating at first, but you will soon discover they are great for sharing and experimenting with your partner! These toys are typically longer and bendier than conventional dildos and come in a variety of stimulating textures and colours.

Key features and benefits of double-ended dildos:

  • These two-siders are ideal for couples to share, bringing simultaneous orgasmic pleasure
  • Alternatively, bend the two ends together to penetrate both the vagina and anus at the same time
  • They provide all the fulfilling, intense internal stimulation of a typical dildo
  • The outer surfaces are textured (i.e. with exaggerated veins) to provide extra thrill
  • Originally a toy for lesbian couples, but double-ended play is increasingly enjoyed across all sexual orientations
  • Don’t underestimate the visual and psychological stimulation!

Tempted to try it out? Shop our complete range of popular double-ended dildos and enjoy a strong experience!

Our top pick in this category is the trusted King Cock 12-Inch Slim Double Dildo Flesh in flesh pink (see picture).

Most popular dildos – Jelly Dildos

Jelly dildos have a big following due their prized properties: jelly dongs are soft, pliable, flexible, and generally cheaper than their silicone cousins.

Key features and benefits of jelly dildos:

  • Jelly dildos come in a variety of shapes and textures, some with balls and bulging glans for enhanced visual and tactile pleasure, and with suction cups for hands-free pleasure, or for use with a strap-on harness
  • Pay attention to the material and opt for a phthalate-free, skin-safe rubber dong

Shop our complete range of jelly dildos for toe-curling orgasms.

If you’re after a bendable, slim dildo to get the juices flowing, check out the pink Basix Slim 7-Inch Dildo With Suction Cup from Pipedream (see picture).

Most popular dildos – Inflatable Dildos

Inflatable dildos are ideal for those seeking the sensation of a swelling, expanding erection, and of being completely filled. Once inserted, use the attached pump to inflate the dildo to your chosen size.

Key features and benefits of inflatable dildos:

  • Enjoy wide circumference and fulfilling length without having to grapple with a large, heavy toy
  • Made-to-measure satisfaction – feel stretched to exactly your desired sensation
  • Designed for enthusiasts of mighty length and girth
  • Intense internal stimulation
  • The texture on the outer surface gives added sensation

Check out our full range of inflatable dildos.

Want us to choose for you? We recommend going with the COLT Hefty Probe Inflatable Dildo (see picture).

Most popular dildos – Ejaculating Dildos

If you like the look and feel of a real penis, you will be supremely satisfied with our squirting dildo range. Squeeze-bulbs or syringes let you choose the moment of ejaculation, so your toy can bust a load on command, anywhere you can imagine, for a truly impressive ending. These are great for adding an extra thrill to solo, hands-free or strap-on play.

Key features and benefits of ejaculating dildos:

  • The squirting feature will satisfy your appetite for cum play
  • Indulge in an impressive, explosive finish
  • The most lifelike penis experience
  • The fulfilling, intense internal stimulation of a typical dildo
  • Outer textures (e.g. exaggerated veins) provide pleasurable added sensation
  • Great for solo play and perfect for strap-on fun with your partner
  • Provides visual and psychological stimulation
  • For extra kinky play, fill them with different types of liquids and satisfy all your fluid fetishes

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For a quick pick, we recommend checking out the King Cock 9-Inch Squirting Dildo With Balls in flesh pink (see picture).

Most popular dildos – Fantasy Dildos

Whether dragon, alien or unicorn, these creatures are no longer chimaera – travel beyond the boundaries of reality and discover a new realm of fun and pleasure.

Key features and benefits of fantasy dildos:

  • These extra-terrestrial dongs transform your stimulation with their unique textures and innovative designs in the most wonderful colours

Browse our mythical and most exotic roundup of fantasy dildos.

Fancy Greek mythology? Take a look at the Alien Rippled Tentacle Silicone Dildo With Suction Cup (see picture).

Most popular dildos – Dildo Moulding Sets

Personalise your pleasure by creating a cast of your or your partner’s most precious part – or simply mould your own dildo to exact specificity with these dildo making kits. The moulding sets come in a range of styles and colours, including glow-in-the-dark.

Key features and benefits of a dildo casting kit:

  • Great for replicating the feel of your partner when the real thing is not available
  • Create your very own bespoke ‘dream dildo’
  • The lifelike penis will give you all the intense and fulfilling sensations of a typical dildo, but don’t underestimate the added pleasure of the visual and psychological stimulation
  • An intimate arts-and-crafts game – creating your one-of-a-kind toy with your partner is lots of fun
  • Great for novices to sex toys
  • Makes a cheeky, fun gift

Choose from our range of exciting dildo moulding sets and clone or create your very own.

Want us to choose for you? You can’t go wrong with the Clone A Willy Vibrator Moulding DIY Kit in hot pink from Empire Labs (see picture).

Other incredibly popular dildos

Strap-on dildos

  • Learn more about strap-ons, pegging and lesbian play in our comprehensive strap-on guides.

Anal dildos

  • Anal dildos are specifically designed for backdoor play, and have special shapes and features – check out our 101 advice on anal sex toys.