Enjoy remote sex with your partner with app-controlled vibrators

Hallelujah for technological advancements that bring blissful new intimate pleasures. Imagine being able to make your partner orgasm remotely, whether from another room, building – or the other side of the planet. It’s now possible with a simple touch on your tablet or smartphone!

Jump on the sex tech bandwagon and don’t miss out on all the captivating fun and pleasure to be had – especially if you are in a long-distance relationship.

How do app-controlled vibrators work?

Simply sync the Bluetooth and Wifi-enabled sex toy with your or your partner’s phone and you are all set. Via the toy’s app, your partner can control the speed, mode and intensity of your vibrator and can tease and stimulate you in your most intimate pleasure zone.

Give your partner complete control of your pleasure (or vice versa), wherever you are. One’s orgasm is at the fingertips of the other.

The functionalities of these toys offer plenty of fun and pleasure at home, but may also tempt you to play discreetly out in public! Or, if your partner is not online, these so called “couples’ toys” also have all the bells and whistles for solo use.

App-controlled vibes and long-distance relationships

The main benefit of app-operated vibrators versus remote control toys is that the connection range is simply unlimited – this is fantastic news for all whose sex life undergoes the dreaded drought of long-distance love. No longer! Not for nothing are app-controlled vibes also called long-distance sex toys.

These app-vibrators help you stay physically, emotionally and sexually connected with your lover while you’re apart. To create an intimate remote sex session, masturbate or use the toys together on Zoom or Skype and enjoy the best real-life experience possible. Thank you, technology, for the sext upgrade.

Enjoy browsing through our pleasure-packed collection of app-controlled vibrators, and maybe you want to read our blog on spicing up your long-distance relationship.

If you’re looking for the perfect device for your LDR, take a look at the Magic Motion Magic Sundae App-Enabled Love Egg, or the OhMiBod Esca2 Kiiroo Wearable Massager (see pictures).

Magic Motion Magic Sundae App-Enabled Love Egg | Love Egg Vibrator | Magic Motion | Bodyjoys
Regular price £64.99
Regular price Sale price £64.99

This simple-seeming love egg is anything but! Magic Sundae is an app-controlled toy. It is smart, and powerful, with a tungsten steel motor and self-driving spiral structure to ensure your enjoyment, wherever you are. Use the app to choose from multiple pre-set patterns, or customise your own.

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OhMiBod Esca2 Kiiroo Wearable Massager | Love Egg Vibrator | OhMiBod | Bodyjoys
Regular price £72.24
Regular price £84.99 Sale price £72.24

The OhMiBod Esca2 is a wearable, internal massager and vibrator for women with a G-spot centric, bulbous design that can be worn hands-free. Control it via Bluetooth and let your partner run the show from across the room, or hook it up to the app and enjoy a long-distance, virtual love session that will get you feeling re-connected. This premium sex-tech pleasure toy features LED lights which sync to the vibrations, offering visual feedback for your partner.

…and if budget doesn’t matter, check out the Kiiroo Onyx2 And Pearl2 Couple Set (see picture).

Kiiroo Onyx2 And Pearl2 Couple Set | Sex Toy Set | Kiiroo | Bodyjoys
Regular price £299.99
Regular price Sale price £299.99

The Couple Set 2 from Kiiroo is a his and hers couples’ sex toy kit that’s perfect for long-distance lovers. Including two devices equipped with technology that allows you to feel every movement made on your device, you can link them both up to the app for interactive pleasure. Touch sensors in the Pearl2 send signals to Onyx2, allowing you both to feel the movements and sensations of intercourse in real-time.