Spicing up your long-distance relationship

Being in a long-distance relationship can be difficult, especially when it comes to maintaining a satisfying sex life. When you aren’t seeing your partner all the time, the desire and longing is heightened, and while this can make for great sex when you are together, it’s hard to maintain that intimacy that you both so desire from far away.

We’ve come up with some ideas for keeping your intimacy alive when you can’t be together physically.

Try out your photography skills

Reminding your partner about how sexy they make you feel, even when you aren’t with them, can push your desire to new levels.

Why not try taking a naughty photo or two, and sending them throughout the day? The thrill of receiving a nude during a work meeting will drive him crazy. You know he won’t stop thinking about it all day.

The new era of sexting

With the introduction of end-to-end encrypted messaging, people can feel more secure in what they’re sending. Sexting is the quickest and easiest way to stay in touch with your partner sexually from a distance.

Send a few messages about how much you’re thinking about them, what you want them to do to you, or describe a juicy memory from the last time you were in bed together.

Mutual masturbation

Resorting to porn to satisfy your desires is a common issue when you aren’t receiving that physical stimulation. However, emotion and touch are essential for an amazing sexual experience and are key in heightening sensation. So why not make some personal porn?

Using a camera, phone or webcam, film your masturbation session or make a special livestream for your partner.

You’ll both learn a few things about what each other likes from this. Watching you get each other off will help you to replicate the act in person, and adding in sex toys can help you to release some inhibitions and feel more comfortable when you’re together.

Sex and technology

Like everything else, sex technology is advancing all the time. This makes it easier to connect with your partner from a distance while enjoying sexual experiences that bring you closer together.

Sexual gaming apps

Gaming apps are the latest in remote play, offering couples new possibilities, ideas and ways to enjoy.

  • There are truth or dare apps, that give you the opportunity to gamify your sexual antics by daring your partner to film a video or take a sexy photo.
  • You can also find experimentation apps, which provide a list of sexy moves that you could try out on your partner, or ways to film yourself for their viewing pleasure. If you suggest something and they agree, you’ll have a sexy ‘to-do’ list for the next time you’re together.

App-controlled sex toys

Pleasing your partner and making sure they have a great time is one of the most satisfying aspects of sex. For them, knowing that what they’re doing to you feels great is fulfilling for them too.

When you aren’t in the same room, achieving that feeling can be tricky. However, there’s a solution!

App-enabled sex toys, such as vibrators, can be operated from a phone. Just sync up the vibe to the app and your partner can control the speed and intensity of the vibrations from wherever they are. If you set up a video call, they can see the effect their handy work is having, and change it up based on your reactions. It’ll be almost as if they’re right there with you.

If you’re looking for the perfect device for your LDR, take a look at the Magic Motion Magic Sundae App-Enabled Love Egg (see picture).

Magic Motion Magic Sundae App-Enabled Love Egg | Love Egg Vibrator | Magic Motion | Bodyjoys
Regular price £64.99
Regular price Sale price £64.99

This simple-seeming love egg is anything but! Magic Sundae is an app-controlled toy. It is smart, and powerful, with a tungsten steel motor and self-driving spiral structure to ensure your enjoyment, wherever you are. Use the app to choose from multiple pre-set patterns, or customise your own.

If you want to mimic intercourse in real-time and budget is not an issue, we recommend you take a look at the mind-blowing Onyx2 And Pearl2 Couple Set from Kiiroo (pictured).

Kiiroo Onyx2 And Pearl2 Couple Set | Sex Toy Set | Kiiroo | Bodyjoys
Regular price £299.99
Regular price Sale price £299.99

The Couple Set 2 from Kiiroo is a his and hers couples’ sex toy kit that’s perfect for long-distance lovers. Including two devices equipped with technology that allows you to feel every movement made on your device, you can link them both up to the app for interactive pleasure. Touch sensors in the Pearl2 send signals to Onyx2, allowing you both to feel the movements and sensations of intercourse in real-time.

Staying connected

Maintaining a sexual connection can be difficult when you’re apart. But having a busy lifestyle and not seeing your partner every day is no excuse for letting things go stale. Thinking outside the box can actually make your desire more potent and make you both feel more comfortable, making the times that you do see each other even more mind-blowing.