Top breast play tips for an enhanced sexual experience

Breasts are delightful. Big or small, real or surgically changed, perky or saggy – breasts are wonderful to look at and fun to play with, especially when touched, or being touched, in the right way.

So if you're interested in learning more about the erotic pleasures you and your partner can enjoy with breast play, please read on.

Why do people often forget about breast play in partnered sex?

Let’s face it – there are many moving parts when it comes to sex (literally). It can be easy to forget about erogenous zones, remember that your partner likes nipple stimulation, and just ignore foreplay entirely. But as we move into 2023, we’re beyond this – in fact, we’re better than this.

Breast play is often forgotten about because we’re caught up in the moment and are too focused on ‘the Big Show’ i.e. our partner reaching orgasm. But breast play can be an exciting way to get there – and for some, it can even be achieved by only breast play.

Sex positions can often be an underlying reason why breasts are forgotten about. Whether you’re attempting reverse cowgirl or going down on your partner, it can be tricky to keep your mind (and your grip) on the task at hand.

A key way to incorporate breast play is to introduce it at foreplay. Take time to explore your partner’s breast area (not just the nipple). With hundreds of nerve endings available for stimulation, you’ll soon realise that it’s not so easy to forget after all.

As always, communication is key. Bringing up the topic of breast play before you engage in sexual activity is a great way to find out what your partner enjoys (and what they don’t).

What techniques should couples consider for great breast play?

Hands aren’t the only appendage that can explore your partner’s boobies. Your mouth can also be a great way to stimulate your partner’s breasts and nipples, whether you choose to use your tongue, lips, or teeth. If your partner feels comfortable, gently nibble the outer breast area, working your way towards the nipple. Again, if they consent, you could increase the pressure you’re applying. Having a safe word for instances like this is a great way to communicate if the pressure becomes too much.

Your tongue is another great technique for boobs and nipple play. Try to kiss the breast as if it were your partner’s mouth, incorporating your tongue if you and your partner feel comfortable. You can also change the shape of your tongue to apply different levels of pressure and sensation. Think pointy and flat – and see which they prefer.

Breast play doesn’t have to mean the actual breast or nipple. Nerve endings are all over the chest area and this is a great way to introduce yourself to breast play. Lubricants or massage oils, maybe dripping from massage candles, can be rubbed into the chest area, again, applying more or less pressure as your partner communicates. This can be tantalising enough, without nipple stimulation.

Once you and your partner have experimented with breast play with your hands and mouths, you could try to use toys. Seeing which textures work well for you, from feather ticklers to nipple clamps, finger vibrators to ice cubes, there are plenty of options available.

Another great accessory for preparing for an erotic sex session are breast pumps, which can make your breasts look their best. Thanks to the quick and efficient vacuum suction, your breasts will feel fuller and more sensitive.

Can women have orgasms through breast play?

Yes, some people are indeed able to achieve orgasm through breast play alone. Just like the genital area, your chest area also has multiple nerve endings, which makes it possible for some individuals to orgasm by stimulation of the breasts.

Stimulating the nipples triggers the same region of the brain as the genitals, so it’s clear why some individuals are able to achieve an orgasm this way.

How is an orgasm from breast play different from G-spot/clit Os?

Those who’ve experienced orgasms through boobs play tend to indicate that the experience is far more intense – but of course, this is all subjective. Orgasms, depending on the type (clitoral, G-spot, nipple), differ from person to person. What might be intense for one person may be mild for another.

Can lube help with breast play? How?

Lube is an excellent accompaniment to sex. But often people forget about lube during foreplay, especially when it comes to breast and nipple play. Just like clitoral stimulation, breast and nipple play can be enhanced by using lube, both from a touch perspective and an oral perspective.

Blowing on your partner’s nipples and breasts when they have lube massaged into them can create an additional sensation. And if you have different types of lube, such as the tingle effect, this can add to that.

Breasts and nipples can become aroused, so much so that they swell slightly, as blood flow increases. This effect can even be enhanced with nipple suckers. This makes them extremely tender and sensitive and, when touched, might not feel very pleasurable.

Lube can reduce friction, allowing you to touch your partner’s breasts without hurting them. If you want to boost the sensual experience, take look at the soothing Massage Lube Aloe Vera from Durex, or the Double Chocolate Desire Water-Based Lube from Skins (pictured).

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How can people utilise breast play during masturbation?

Finding out what you enjoy is often the best part of masturbation and solo sex. Don’t put pressure on yourself to have an orgasm; simply use this time as a period of self-care and self-exploration.

Breast play is a great way to begin. Using techniques such as nipple stimulation and chest massage (don’t forget the lube or massage oil), you can discover what you like and don’t like. If you feel comfortable, you can incorporate this into your regular masturbation routine and see what it adds to the experience.

If you don’t know where to start, gently run your fingertips over your chest area. You don’t have to concentrate on one particular area (nipples, areola etc.), but explore it fully. Even this simple action can provide you with enough stimulation.

What techniques can people use for breast play during solo sex?

Using toys during solo sex, especially for breast play, is a great technique to see what you enjoy. Vibrators can be used in both hands, one for your genitals and the other for your breast area. If you prefer, feathers are a gentler way to incorporate breast play into solo sex. You can even scatter a few across your chest as you masturbate.

Although your mouth might not feel like an option during solo sex, there are ways to utilise it during solo breast play. Apply lube to your breasts and blow. This can create a really intense sensation and means your hands are still free for other areas of your body.

Once you have fun with breast play, how can you spice things up?

Toys, toys, and more toys. Different vibrators have different settings and functions, so it can be really fun to discover which pressures and styles your breasts prefer. You can also try different lubes too, such as tingle and heat. These create certain sensations on your nipples and chest area – some you might enjoy and others you might want to avoid.

And then there are all the kinky, yet sensual and arousing bondage accessories you may want to explore. Nipple clamps can add another layer of excitement to breast play. These work for both solo and partnered sex. Of course, this is dependent on your pain threshold – however, there are different types of nipple clamps, some of which clamp harder than others.

If you prefer, food can be incorporated into breast play. Think sweet treats, like chocolate spread, honey, or cream. A little can go a long way, so experiment with different flavours.

Want to try it all? Kinky, erotic, sensual, sexy excitement … here a few options to spice up your nipple and breast play (pictured).

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