101 Advice on Love Eggs & Kegel Balls

Bodyjoys’ beginner’s guide to love egg vibrators and kegel balls

Love eggs and kegel balls are discreet, sensual sex toys that offer a range of diverse uses and benefits. If you are interested in learning more about the pleasure factor and practical purposes of these subtle yet serious toys, read on to find out:

  • The difference between love eggs and kegel balls
  • The special sexual health and wellness benefits of these sex toys
  • Ideas for how to get the most pleasure from them
  • The most popular styles
  • How to choose the right ones for you

What is the difference between love eggs and kegel balls?

Love eggs and kegel balls are both spherical sex toys that are inserted into the vagina, but they perform very different tasks: while love eggs usually vibrate, and are meant for sexual pleasure and fun, kegel balls are smaller, weighted, and generally used for vaginal health. However, in reality, there is a fluent overlap between the uses of these different toys, and their scope is generally tilted towards the sensual pleasure end!

What are the practical health benefits of using kegel balls?

You can use kegel balls to discreetly exercise your pelvic floor, working against gravity by squeezing these internal muscles to maintain the position of these weighted balls inside your vagina. Why would you want to do such a thing? Because the stronger these inner muscles are, the more intimate health benefits you receive. With strong pelvic floor muscles, you can:

  • Enjoy more intense sensations during sex and better orgasms
  • Take pleasure in the tighter feel in your intimate area
  • Better control your bladder
  • Boost your sexual well-being and self-esteem

Thanks to kegel exercisers, you can enjoy a pleasurable sensual experience while simultaneously toning your body for longer-term health benefits. If only all physical exercise was so pleasurable!

What sexual pleasures can I enjoy from love eggs?

Love eggs are sex toys that are versatile and fun to use. Place them inside your vagina to enjoy fabulously sensual stimulation from different vibration speeds and settings, in a range of scenarios. Love eggs can be enjoyed in lots of ways:

  • Enhance solo-play and enjoy yourself
  • Share fun and joy with your partner
  • Heighten arousal during foreplay, cunnilingus, or penetrative sex
  • Enjoy cheeky, discreet, on-the-go adventures
  • Have long-distance intimate fun with your partner, via smartphone-app control

Similar to kegel balls, some love eggs also exercise your pelvic floor muscles, and so in addition to enjoying the pleasure of these toys, you may also be able to achieve some bonus health benefits.

Love eggs or kegel balls…how do I choose?

First of all, both love eggs and kegel balls are great for sex toy novices, both offering benefits for your sexual health and your sex life. Love eggs and kegel balls are inserted into the vagina, so it’s important to make sure they feel comfortable and are easy to slip inside (some glide will help – choose water-based lube for these).

Both love eggs and kegel balls are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, weights and materials. They can be used singly or in pairs, and most come with a retrieval cord for easy removal. Love eggs come wired with a remote control, or are controlled via smartphone-app.

Read on about the most popular love eggs and kegels and find the toy that is a perfect match for your sexual and sensual desires!

The most popular types of love eggs and kegels – overview

Most popular love eggs and kegels – Love Egg Vibrators

Vibrating love eggs are inserted into the vagina, giving you blissful, precise vaginal and often also clitoral stimulation. Typically, these subtle love egg vibrators are smooth, round or egg-shaped sex toys that are operated via a remote control or app software.

Key features and benefits of love egg vibrators:

  • Enjoy during sensual solo play – press the vibrating eggs against your vulva for clitoral stimulation or insert them to stimulate your elusive G-spot area
  • Share the fun with your partner during foreplay
  • Let your partner take control of your hot spots and surrender to the sensations
  • Enjoy discreet adventures on-the-go – insert the eggs before going for a walk, going to the supermarket, or before a naughty date night out…
  • Add intimate romance to your long-distance relationship with an app-controlled love egg
  • Great for sex toy beginners

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Most popular love eggs and kegels – Kegel Exercisers & Jiggle Balls

Kegel balls, also called jiggle balls or Ben Wa balls, are sensual pleasure toys which help you exercise your pelvic floor muscles. These freely roaming weighted balls are inserted into the vagina and held in place with your internal muscles. Some balls are solid, other types have a smaller weighted ball within that rolls subtly, giving you discreet sensual thrills along with a pelvic floor workout as you move. Kegel exercisers typically feature two balls that are connected by a cord for easy retrieval.

Key features and benefits of kegel exercisers and jiggle balls:

  • Strengthened inner muscles can lead to tighter and more sensitive vaginal walls, bringing you more intense orgasms
  • Surprising health benefits of stronger pelvic floor muscles include better bladder control, protection against uterine prolapse, and reduced lower back pain, as well as improved sexual confidence and well-being
  • Kegels are recommended to women of all ages and especially to women after childbirth, as they help in postpartum recovery
  • Lighter, larger kegels are ideal to start with, and as your pelvic floor muscles strengthen you can use smaller and heavier kegel balls to challenge them further

Intrigued by the health benefits offered by these sex toys? Check out our full range of sensual kegel exercisers and jiggle balls. And for more detailed advice, read our kegel balls guide.

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