101 Advice on Sex Toys for Men

Bodyjoys’ beginner’s guide to sex toys for men

It’s much less likely for a man to have tried a sex toy than a woman. But here’s the thing – men that are willing to try male sex toys for the first time immediately fall in love with them and never want to give them up. If you haven’t tried one yet, it’s definitely time to stop missing out on the fun.

What are the different types of male sex toys?

There are loads of different options. It really comes down to what you desire and whether you prefer anal stimulation or penis-focused toys. Basically, most any sex toy or massager can be for anyone, irrespective of gender, anatomy, or sexual orientation. However, if you are a penis-owner, broadly speaking, you are most likely to find what you are looking for in the following categories:

What are the different types of male masturbators?

Again, there is a whole array of exciting masturbators to choose from, from masturbation sleeves or strokers, at the manual end of the spectrum, to the high-tech finesse of vibrators that mimic the sensations of sex.

We typically distinguish between the following types, even though there is quite a bit of overlap:

What are the pleasures and benefits of male sex toys?

Oof…where shall we start?! …tremendous fun, orgasmic sensation, enhanced masturbation…there are many varied benefits and reasons why men enjoy sex toys so much:

  • To help you explore different forms of masturbation and discover mesmerising new ways to reach orgasm
  • To make you firmer and longer-lasting (with cock rings), and heighten sensation for your partner
  • To enhance stimulation and orgasms with vibration on your penis or testicles
  • To intensify your climax by stimulating your P-spot (prostate)
  • To help you train and increase your stamina with strokers
  • To create visual sensation with the realistic feel and look of masturbation devices
  • To boost your sexual well-being and self-esteem

…and you can heighten the pleasure you get from these toys by sharing them with your partner!

On another note, another benefit is how easy these toys are to use – just add a bit of lube and off you go…and with the right kit, cleaning up is easy!

What is the right male sex toy for me?

Male sex toys have become so much better in recent years and the variety on offer is mind-boggling. This kind of makes it harder, right? There is one simple rule – any toy can work for you, so all you need to do is choose the one that most appeals! We are here to help, and in this guide, we provide you with all the advice you need to find your perfect toy(s).

Read on for a closer look at the main types of male sex toys, plus a top pick for each.

The most popular types of male sex toys – overview

Most popular sex toys for men – Male Masturbators

Masturbators, strokers and sleeves add heightened sensation to your solo play, pleasuring the head or shaft of your penis in unique and mind-altering ways. Our collection of the world’s best masturbators will not leave any of your desires unfulfilled.

Key features and benefits of masturbators for men:

  • Great for novices to the realm of male sex toys
  • Typically made of a soft, jelly-feel material and ribbed on the inside for enhanced sensation
  • The tightness of the toys and the ease with which they glide up and down your shaft take masturbation to a whole new level
  • Designed for mind-blowing solo pleasure, but these toys are thrilling for partnered play, especially foreplay

Shop our full range of mesmerizing male masturbators (always use water-based lube with these).

If you want to buy a trusted customer favourite, consider the Pleasure Brew Blonde Ale Vagina Masturbator from Lovetoy (see picture).

Most popular sex toys for men – Fleshlights

A truly legendary invention! The Fleshlight is the world’s most popular male sex toy. These premium masturbators are expertly crafted and designed, easy to use and amazingly satisfying. Fleshlight inserts come either with neutral or ultra-lifelike vaginal, oral or anal openings.

Key features and benefits of Fleshlights:

  • Designed to replicate the feel of penetrative sex and provide sensations that are just like the real deal – you can even choose from a variety of actual moulds of erotic celebrity openings
  • Fleshlight’s patented Real Feel Super Skin material used for the canals gives these masturbators a sensationally silky, lifelike feel – the intense internal canals heighten pleasure and enhance masturbation
  • Fleshlight’s signature torch-like casing makes it look absolutely discreet when stored away

Pick your favourite masturbator from Fleshlight’s broad range and enjoy the ride.

If you’d like us to pick one for you, we recommend opting for the Fleshlight Flight Pilot Male Masturbator (see picture). Read more in our Fleshlight guide.

Most popular sex toys for men – Male Vibrators

It’s not just the ladies who get to benefit from vibrating, pulsing fun. Male vibrators are expertly crafted and designed to mimic the sensations of sex by delivering deeply satisfying vibrations to your penis and sensitive surrounding areas. With powerful motors and a variety of sensational settings, these high-tech sex machines for men are built to deliver toe-curling stimulation.

Key features and benefits of vibrators for men:

  • Many of these intriguing products will actually do the job for you, so you can relax and focus on the waves of sensation flowing through your body
  • Most toys stimulate the back of the head and the base of the shaft, which are particularly vibration-sensitive areas and susceptible to the buzz

Shop our full range of exciting male vibrators – a must-have in any male toy collection.

If you want to buy a truly mind-blowing toy, consider Blowtech’s Auto Stroker Ultimate Thrusting Masturbator (see picture).

Most popular sex toys for men – Blow Job Simulators

The most cherished toy in any fellatio fan’s collection! Blow job masturbation toys are expertly designed to replicate the sensations of oral sex and provide you with joyful experiences that are just like the real deal.

Key features and benefits of blow job simulators:

  • Enjoy the wonderful satisfaction of real-life oral sex anywhere, anytime and as many times as you like – with no limits and at the push of a button!
  • Our range of blow job simulators provide oral play sensations such as oscillating licks, fluttering suction or enveloping, deep-throat stimulation

Check out our collection of blow job simulators and experience a new world of satisfying sensation.

Looking for a trusted playmate? Go for Satisfyer’Men Vibration Blow Job Masturbator (see picture).

Most popular sex toys for men – Penis Sleeves & Extenders

Penis extension sleeves boost length and circumference, giving you a girthier and longer manhood to enhance sexual pleasure for you and your partner. Penis extenders are either worn over the glans or the whole length of the shaft.

Key features and benefits of penis sleeves and extenders:

  • Simply slip them on to enjoy the pleasures of a firmer erection
  • Penis extension aids allow you to penetrate your partner more deeply and give them intense sensation from extra inches in length and girth
  • Extension sleeves are a very safe, easy and affordable method of penis enlargement
  • They feature a solid top which adds extra inches to the natural length of your penis

Shop our full range of penis sleeves and for further tips, don’t miss out on our bigger and harder penis guide.

Need a recommendation? We suggest you consider the clear Size Matters 2-Inch Penis Extender Sleeve (see picture).

Most popular sex toys for men – Pocket Pussies

If you fancy a toy with the lifelike look and feel of a real vagina, a pocket pussy may be the ideal masturbator for you.

Key features and benefits of pocket pussies:

  • Designed to simulate the feeling of sexual intercourse and add heightened sensation to solo play
  • The toys are made from realistic, skin soft, natural-feel materials with realistic labia, clit and skin tone for a masturbation experience like no other

Pick your favourite masturbator from our broad range of pocket pussies and enjoy the ride.

Don’t have time to browse? Consider the trusted EnLust Tasha Self-Lubricating Glow-In-The-Dark Stroker from Blush Novelties (see picture).

Most popular sex toys for men – Realistic Vaginas and Realistic Butts

Realistic vaginas and butts feature tight openings with stimulating internal soft textures presented in a lifelike look and feel to give you the most tantalising visual pleasure and physical sensation. These male masturbators come in varied shapes and sizes, with fantastic detailing, powerful vibrations and more.

Key features and benefits of realistic vaginas and butts:

  • Sculpted to visually and sensually replicate penetrative sex
  • Provide sensations that are as close as possible to the real experience
  • Made from realistic natural-feel material with realistically designed genitals for physical and visual stimulation in your solo play

Shop our extensive range of realistic vaginas (inc. vibrating vaginas) and realistic butts (inc. vibrating butts).

If you need help choosing, we recommend Pipedream’s Extreme Toyz Fuck My Black Bubble Butt (see picture).

Most popular sex toys for men – Sex Dolls

If you fancy a life-size sex doll (male), a lifelike torso or an inflatable doll, you’ll find your ultimate object of desire in our broad collection of dolls. If you are unsure about investing in a realistic doll, check out the blow-up sex dolls in our offering.

Key features and benefits of sex dolls:

  • These beautiful dolls not only make for great playmates in the bedroom, they can also be dressed up in sexy lingerie to hold hands and cuddle up with you on the sofa
  • A lifelike look and feel combined with tight openings will give you thrilling visual and physical stimulation in your solo play that is as close as possible to the real deal
  • The most lifelike sex dolls and torsos are made from natural-feel materials with realistic intimate areas, skin and hair for the ultimate masturbation experience

Explore our full range of sex dolls (inc. male love dolls).

If you can’t decide, we recommend the Bangers Horny Nympho Slut Real-Feel Masturbator (see picture).

Most popular sex toys for men – Tit Wank Toys

Dive into our tit wank toy selection of realistic masturbators for men and immerse yourself in lifelike breast play. Tit wanking entails a man thrusting his member between fleshy boobs until reaching climax.

Key features and benefits of tit wank toys:

  • Tit wanking, also known as a breast job or tit fucking, is a common sight in porn and many individuals want to experience it for themselves
  • The huge squeezable tits are perfect to slide your cock between them for steamy sessions

Delve into our exciting collection of tit wank toys. Make sure you enjoy a slippery tit wank by using lots of water-based lube between her breasts for smooth play.

For a USB-rechargeable tit wank stroker that comes with a sexy female voice, check out Pipedream’s Extreme Toyz Dirty Talk Interactive Titty Masturbator (see picture).

Most popular sex toys for men – Manga Masturbators

Dive into the realm of self-pleasure with these manga and hentai style male masturbators. The Japanese onaholes are carefully designed with manga aesthetic.

Key features and benefits of manga masturbators:

  • The tantalising love tunnels are filled with detailed lumps and bumps giving you earth-shattering pleasure
  • Crafted from soft, stretchy, lifelike material for an unforgettable masturbation experience

Browse our entire range of exciting manga masturbators.

We suggest you take a look at the Acacia Night Manga Vagina Masturbator from Tamashii (see picture).

Most popular sex toys for men – Fantasy Masturbators

From aliens to dinosaurs to dragons, these fantastical beings have transcended mere myth – they now inhabit our fantasy masturbator collection, breathing life into imagination.

Key features and benefits of fantasy masturbators:

  • These fantasy masturbators let you venture beyond the confines of reality and embark on a journey into a realm brimming with excitement and pleasure
  • The strokers transform your wanking experience with their unique textures and colourful, otherworldly designs

Shop our entire range of mesmerizing fantasy masturbators, and maybe you want to take a look at our freaky dildos, too.

For an aquatic adventure, check out the Pussidon Sea Monster Masturbation Stroker from XR's Creature Cocks collection (see picture).

Other incredibly popular sex toys for men

Click to discover the products on offer and our full instructional guides for each of the following toy categories:

Cock rings

  • Probably the most popular couples’ sex toy – and you will definitely want to check out our separate cock ring guides.

Prostate stimulators

Penis pumps

 Want it bigger and firmer? Read all about it in our penis pump guide.

Penis & balls play