101 Advice on Vibrators

Bodyjoys’ beginner’s guide to vibrators

So you’re thinking of buying a vibrator, but are a little overwhelmed by the choice, and unsure of which one will be right for you? We know your pain (and your pleasure). This guide will answer all the questions you may have at this stage, such as:

  • What are the benefits of using a vibrator?
  • How to choose a vibrator
  • The difference between external, internal, and dual-stim vibes

…so let’s get vibrator savvy!

The main attraction of a vibrator is, of course, the buzz. Vibrations stimulate blood flow and wake up the nerve endings, bringing heightened arousal and sensation. Different styles stimulate externally, pleasuring your vulva and clit, or internally, targeting your G-spot, for intense clitoral or vaginal orgasms. Some vibrators also stimulate both hot spots simultaneously to really blow your mind.

What are the pleasures and benefits of using a vibrator?

Whether playing solo or with a partner, vibrators add new sensations and strong pleasure to your sex and love life. Vibrators are incredibly versatile and have a huge following amongst both men and women, not just for penetrative purposes. Get creative with these and explore different techniques – a massage wand vibrator on the mons or the head of the penis, for example, can be a great way to stimulate arousal.

First and foremost, vibrators are fabulous fun, and offer all of the following benefits:

  • Enhance masturbation
  • Share fun and pleasure with your partner
  • Enjoy better, more intense orgasms in solo and couples’ play
  • Experiment, discover and explore new sensational hotspots (on yourself and on your partner)
  • Help you relax and enhance your sexual well-being
  • Enjoy yourself!

Irrespective of which vibrator you eventually choose, there are two essential things to keep in mind: you will have the most enjoyable experience when you are totally relaxed and taking it slow, and secondly, using plenty of water-based lube with your vibrator will enhance sensation every time.

Which vibrator is right for me?

There is no such thing as the ‘one-size-fits-all’ vibrator, as personal tastes, preferences and bodies vary so widely. But rest assured there is at least one you will fall in love with! To help you choose the right one, we’ve created an overview of the most popular types of vibrators, explaining how they all work, and which of your intimate hot spots they’re designed to stimulate.

In addition to the range of shapes, sizes (check size chart), colour (pink and purple are popular choices) and materials (silicone is the most popular and probably the best to start with), most vibes feature different functionalities and settings to provide extra sensations. You can regulate vibration speed and mode – these range from rumbly to buzzy, uninterrupted to intermittent, subtle to full-on – depending on your mood. Some vibrators offer more pinpointed stimulation, others produce more powerful, massage-style vibes.

Internal vibrators? External stimulation? Dual stimulation?

Internal vibrators typically feature a phallic, cylindrical shaft resembling a penis, often with a slightly curved head designed to target your G-spot. Whether you prefer the excitement caused by the vibrations massaging your G-spot area, or whether you get more satisfaction from thrusting the vibrator back and forth and up and down, is yours to find out!

External vibrators are masters in pinpointed stimulation of the oh-so sensitive clitoris. The small bullet and finger vibrators are devices that give you discreet but nevertheless powerful external stimulation. Clitoral suction stimulators use air pulsation or pressure waves to replicate the pleasures of cunnilingus. Magic wand vibrators are powerful and versatile massagers for broad stimulation and deep vibrations.

If you fancy giving dual stimulation a try, then consider the trusty rabbit vibrator, which is designed for blended clitoral and vaginal orgasms. The simultaneous clit and G-spot stimulation makes the rampant rabbit one of the world’s most popular sex toys.

If you’re bamboozled by the variety, read on for a closer look at the most popular types of vibrators, plus a top pick for each.

The most popular types of vibrators – overview

Most popular vibrators – Clitoral Suction Vibrators

Vibrators don’t just vibrate. If you love cunnilingus or more nuanced sensation, then clitoral suction and stimulation vibrators are probably a great choice for you. Many women are able to experience their first orgasm with these wonderful sex toys. The licking vibrators include a silicone mouth that surrounds the clitoris and pulses out air to stimulate your clit, without direct contact.

Key features and benefits of clit sucker vibrators:

  • Designed to replicate the joy of oral sex
  • Incredible clitoral orgasms
  • Clit-centric stimulation from air pulsation or pressure wave technologies
  • Great for sex toy beginners
  • Perfect for solo play as well as for sharing the fun with your partner
  • Can be used to stimulate the clitoris during penetrative sex

Tempted? Browse our full range of exciting clit suction vibrators and choose your perfect new playmate.

Or, if you’re already convinced and want to save on research time, we highly recommend the Lelo Sona Sonic Clitoral Massager (see picture).

Most popular vibrators – Clitoral Vibrators

Give your clit the attention it deserves and take your climax to new heights. Clitoral vibrators are designed to stimulate the many thousands of nerve endings in your clitoris and labia, heightening your arousal and bringing you sensational clitoral orgasms. Some of these vibrators, such as the rabbit, stimulate the clit and the G-spot at the same time for phenomenal blended orgasms. Others have a rotating, silicone nub that swirls like a tongue.

Key features and benefits of clitoral vibrators:

  • Incredible clitoral orgasms
  • Pinpointed external stimulation without penetration
  • Great for sex toy novices
  • Perfect for solo play as well as sharing the fun with your partner
  • Can be used to stimulate the clitoris during penetrative sex
  • Some offer clitoral and G-spot dual-stimulation

Browse our full range of exciting clitoral vibrators and find the right one for you.

If you can’t wait to pleasure your clit, then why not opt straight for the Ora 3 Oral Sex Simulator from Lelo (see picture).

Most popular vibrators – Rampant Rabbit Dual-Stim Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators are perfectly shaped to your body to give you mind-blowing blended orgasms – some users are even able to squirt when they use these toys! All rabbits are equipped with a clitoral stimulator (the rabbit’s ears) and shaft, but they vary widely in styles and features. Some have rotating bead shafts to further stimulate the opening of the vagina, some have thrusting and throbbing functions, and much more.

Key features and benefits of rabbit vibrators:

  • Dual clitoral and G-spot stimulation for full-body orgasms
  • Great for sex toy beginners
  • Powerful vibrations
  • Perfect for solo play with a versatile range of use
  • Feature two or even more motors
  • Plenty of styles and exciting extra features to choose from

Is the rabbit the one for you? Browse our full range of rabbit vibrators and take one home. For some reason, purple bunny vibes are particularly popular.

If you can’t make up your mind which one to buy, we recommend opting straight for a “classic” such as the Basic Multi-Speed Rabbit Vibrator (see picture)?

Most popular vibrators – Magic Massage Wand Vibrators

Massage wand vibrators are incredibly powerful and versatile sex toys that offer broad stimulation, intense sensual pleasure, relaxation and deep vibrations…perfect if your clitoris is very sensitive to direct pressure, and also for couples that relish erogenous massage in their foreplay. An array of attachments allows the massager to be transformed into a vibrator that meets any desire, including vaginal, penile and anal stimulation. Please note, the magic wand is not insertable, although the attachments are.

Key features and benefits of magic wand massagers:

  • Incredible powerful – these are possibly the most powerful vibrators available
  • Versatile stimulator and massager that can be used all over the body
  • Perfect for solo play and for sharing with your partner
  • Great for erotic massages and relaxing tight muscles
  • Numerous attachments to choose from to convert your wand into any other type of vibrator
  • Usually mains powered (for more power)

Intrigued by this fascinating all-rounder? Browse our range of powerful massage wand vibrators and have one delivered to your doorstep.

If you’re ready to buy a powerful wand massager and don’t want to browse further, we recommend going straight for the luxurious Petite Rechargeable Vibrating Massager from Le Wand (see picture).

Most popular vibrators – G-spot Vibrators

G-spot vibrators are specially sculpted to target the elusive G-spot, eliciting maximum joy from this sensitive area. These pleasure masters firmly and repetitively vibrate against your G-spot to bring you blissful, full-body vaginal orgasms. G-spot stimulators come in various widths, shapes and textures, with powerful multi-speed vibrations and variable pulse settings.

Key features and benefits of G-spot vibrators:

  • Enjoy internal G-spot orgasms
  • Perfectly sculpted to stimulate the G-spot area
  • Great for sex toy novices
  • Versatile – great for those that like deep penetration, or a toy that they can move back and forth, or round and round
  • Due to their shape, they can be easily used for clitoral stimulation during intercourse
  • Some G-spot stimulators also offer clitoral stimulation for blended orgasms (such as the rabbit)
  • Some G-spot massagers double as prostate stimulators, pleasuring the male G-spot

If pleasurable internal stimulation is what you desire, look no further. Check out our full range of G-spot vibrators.

Care to follow our recommendation? We suggest the Elite Josephine G-Spot Rechargeable Vibrator in black (see picture). You (and your G-spot) will be amazed.

Most popular vibrators – Bullet Vibrators

They are small and discreet, but bullet vibrators are by no means less powerful or stimulating than their bigger relatives. Bullets are the favoured vibrators of many women because they combine intense clitoral stimulation with compact, sleek design and subtlety – they fit easily in a make-up bag, and are also among the quietest vibrators on the market.

Key features and benefits of bullet vibrators:

  • Pinpointed external stimulation without penetration
  • Small and discreet but give powerful, intense vibrations
  • Great for sex toy beginners
  • Perfect for solo play and shared fun with your partner
  • Great to stimulate nipples, penis, and other erogenous zones during foreplay or intercourse
  • Fits neatly in any hand or travel bag – makes a great companion for on-the-go thrills

Check out our full range of amazing bullet vibrators.

Can’t wait, and want to buy one of these beauties immediately? Consider Je Joue’s Vita Wand Tip Bullet Vibrator in colbalt blue for enchanting and discreet stimulation (see picture).

Most popular vibrators – Rose Vibrators

Our rose vibrators are hugely popular, not least because rose-themed clitoral stimulators went bonkers on social media.

Key features and benefits of rose vibrators:

  • From rose-shaped tongue vibrators, licking devices and clit massagers to rose-inspired wand and G-spot vibrators, they will delight you time and time again

Take a look at our full range of beautiful rose vibrators and feel like you’re at the Chelsea Flower Show (only better!). For more rose-inspired toys, check out our entire rose sex toy collection.

Why not pick the Inya The Rose Rechargeable Silicone Suction Vibe (see picture)? You don’t need to water your rose but we suggest you give it some lube instead.

Most popular vibrators – Classic Vibrators

The classic vibrator has proven its worth over the years, and can be relied on to push your climax over the edge with powerful, direct vaginal or clitoral stimulation. The classics feature tapered, sleek designs and simple controls. They are a fabulous choice for people that want to get straight to business, for sex toy newbies and for couples that want to try introducing something new.

Key features and benefits of classic vibrators:

  • Perfectly sculpted to get the job done
  • Can be used for internal G-spot or external clitoral stimulation
  • Great for sex toy novices
  • Perfect for solo play or for sharing the fun with your partner
  • Powerful stimulation

Keen to try a classic? Then browse our full range of exciting classic vibrators and pick your favourite.

If you want to go for an easy option that’s guaranteed to please, opt for the Anya Powerful Warming Vibrator from Svakom (see picture).

Most popular vibrators – Remote Control Vibrators

Operated via separate controls, these toys are made for people who like to put control of their orgasm in their partner’s hands. Remote control models are available for most vibrator types, from bullets and love eggs to cock rings and prostate massagers, and, like regular vibrators, they come with a range of vibration modes and speeds.

Key features and benefits of remote control vibrators:

  • Perfect for couples, but equally great for playing solo
  • Lots of options for teasing and control play with your partner
  • Enjoy hands-free
  • Great for sex toy beginners
  • Take your play outside the house – use on-the-go or in public

For more details check out our full range of stimulating remote control vibrators.

If you want to short-cut your shopping, consider Svakom’s Elva Remote-Controlled Wearable Bullet Vibrator (see picture), you won’t be disappointed.

Most popular vibrators – Triple Stimulators

Our triple stimulators uphold the hol(e)y trinity of sexual stimulation. It’s ok to be greedy!

Key features and benefits of triple vibrators:

  • These multi-tasking triple vibrators satisfy your clitoris, G-spot and anus simultaneously
  • Let the triple pleasers lick, pulsate, vibrate, thrust, suck, and take your climax to new, toe-curling heights
  • These three-in-one sex toys spare you the hassle of rummaging through your bedside drawer for the right toy, or using multiple toys to enjoy the multi-stimulation you desire

Intrigued? Shop our exciting triple vibrator collection for the entire range.

Check out the pink Amour Triple Pleasure Rabbit Vibrator Claire from Dream Toys (see picture) and enjoy spell-binding multi stimulation.

Most popular vibrators – Pinpoint Vibrators

These pinpoint vibrators are made for pleasurable precision! The twirling pinpoint massagers are perfect for those looking to try something special, and keen to get busy discovering new orgasmic pathways.

Key features and benefits of pinpoint vibrators:

  • Ergonomically designed to dazzle your senses, these sensual pinpoint massagers pamper and stimulate where it matters most
  • Let the narrow, unyielding tip and circulating vibrations go to town on your most sensitive erogenous zones – tantalise clit, glans, or nipples, or use it as a naughty tickler for full-body foreplay

Take a look at our collection of pinpoint vibrators to pursue the delights of precise clit stimulation.

If you want us to choose a toy for you, we suggest Lelo’s pink Dot Elliptical Clitoral Stimulator (see picture).

Most popular vibrators – Quiet Vibrators

These most silent vibrators provide intense stimulation and mind-blowing pleasure in stealthy silence. Quiet vibrators are ideal for intimate solo play in shared houses or wherever thin walls have ears. Various vibrator types, such as bullets or love egg vibrators, come with particularly quiet motors. Your only problem is figuring out how not to make more noise than your vibrator!

Key features and benefits of quiet vibrators:

  • Less buzz, more hush – no fear of someone overhearing or listening in
  • Discreet vibes – keep your pleasure a secret from neighbours, housemates or kids
  • Top-secret orgasms wherever you are
  • Great for intimate me-time
  • Masturbation while your partner is asleep (so respectful!)
  • Intense stimulation without compromising on power

Quietly browse our full range of exciting quiet vibrators and find a clandestine new friend.

If you’re in a rush, allow us to point you in the direction of the perfect silent vibrator: the purple Intense Vibe Bullet from Durex (see picture).

Most popular vibrators – Waterproof Vibrators

If you like to get wet and wild, this is the choice for you. Waterproof vibrators are perfect for pleasure underwater, whether in the shower or a warm bath.

Key features and benefits of waterproof vibrators:

  • Extend your repertoire by adding wet pleasure to your playlist
  • Perfect for solo play or sharing the fun with your partner
  • Make bathtub relaxation extra special
  • Tight seals around controls and batteries allow you to submerge the toys in water

Browse our full range of exciting waterproof vibrators to satisfy your inner mermaid.

If you’re ready to get straight to business, consider the Ina Wave 2 Luxury Vibrator from Lelo (see picture), a tested water sports all-rounder!

Most popular vibrators – Thrusting Vibrators

Thrusting vibrators provide an intense sensual experience, recreating as realistically as possible the feel of penetrative sex, with the added stimulation of vibration. Surrender to these thrusters for full-body orgasmic pleasure that will push your climax to the max.

Key features and benefits of thrusting vibrators:

  • Perfectly sculpted for internal pleasure
  • Robust, powerful toys that provide deep, vibrating thrusts
  • An intense experience, similar to the real deal
  • Perfect for fantasy and wild solo play

Shop our explosive range of thrusting vibrators to find your ultimate pleasure toy.

If you are pressured for time, opt straight for ToyJoy’s Magnum Opus Supreme 12-Inch Thrusting Vibrator (see picture).

Most popular vibrators – Rotating and Gyrating Vibrators

For a realistic and intense sex toy adventure, a rotating vibrator might be just what you’re after. Explore our wide collection of gyrating massagers and you’ll be intrigued by their daring features and capabilities.

Key features and benefits of rotating vibrators:

  • Equipped with powerful, rotating motors, these gyrating vibrators deliver knee-trembling sensations

Curious? Rightly so – check out our wide range of rotating vibrators and try them for yourself.

If you asked us, we'd recommend the Vortex Wireless Turbo Rabbit Rotating Vibrator by Femme Funn (see picture).

Most popular vibrators – Finger Vibrators

Turn your finger into a sex toy! Finger vibrators are a fun addition to solo or couples play, for clitoral stimulation during foreplay or penetrative sex. They are versatile, light, and easy to use in a variety of positions.

Key features and benefits of finger vibrators:

  • Pinpointed external stimulation without penetration
  • Small and discreet but with powerful and intense vibrations
  • Great for sex toy newbies
  • Wonderful for “me-time” or share the fun with your partner
  • Stimulate other erogenous zones, nipples or penis during foreplay or intercourse
  • Compact, easy for travel

Choose a favourite from our full collection of discreet finger vibrators and enjoy blissful vibrations wherever you are.

Want us to choose for you? We recommend CalExoticsNeon Vibes The Flirty Vibe Finger Teaser (see picture).

Most popular vibrators – Luxury Vibrators

You’ll know a luxury vibrator when you see one – they simply stand out from the rest! These obsession-worthy toys mix and match the best features and are made of the highest quality durable materials. The punchy price tags ring in higher than your average toy, but you’ll notice a real difference in the experience, and an investment in your sexual well-being is well worth it.

Key features and benefits of luxury vibrators:

  • Superior build quality that you’ll love
  • Sleek, simple styles and sculptural shapes
  • The ultra-soft silicone and premium finish is second to none
  • A real treat for you and your partner (…or just you?!)
  • Top functionality and extra features designed for truly divine sensation
  • Longer-lasting for a better long-term investment

Browse our hand-picked collection of prestigious luxury vibrators and treat yourself to something luscious.

If you’d like to follow our recommendation, we suggest spoiling yourself with the Soraya Wave Dual Rabbit Vibrator from Lelo in midnight blue (see picture).

Most popular vibrators – Tongue Vibrators

A tongue vibrator is another type of oral sex toy just waiting to rock your world. Tongue vibes come in different shapes and sizes – some resemble traditional suction toys with a small tongue attachment, while others feature tapered ends that mimic the flickering motion of a tongue.

Key features and benefits of tongue vibrators:

  • Designed to give you the sensation and pleasure of oral sex
  • Wonderful clitoral climax
  • Clit-centric stimulation from a flickering tongue
  • Can be used to stimulate your clit during intercourse

Check out our range of tongue vibrators and we’re confident you’ll find a flickering tongue that meets your needs.

Need some help? Take a look at Secret Kisses’s Rosegasm Blossom Lick Me Rose Vibrator (see picture).

Most popular vibrators – Lay-On Vibrators

Lay-on vibrators are external stimulators that can be enjoyed by massaging various erogenous zones; your clitoris in particular. If used during couples’ play, the lay-on vibe enhances foreplay by providing clit stim along with stimulation around the shaft and balls simultaneously.

Key features and benefits of lay-on vibrators:

  • The sensual lay-on massagers distribute vibrations evenly without overwhelming your clit, ideal if you prefer gentle stimulation while retaining control
  • Additionally, layon vibrators offer stimulation to your vulva – just lay the massager flat and grind against it

Shop your fave from our wide range of sensual lay-on vibrators for toe-curling sensations.

In a rush but don’t want to miss out? Go straight for the purple Layons Pleasure Clitoral Vibrator from Satisfyer (see picture).

Most popular vibrators – Suction Cup Vibrators

Experience uninhibited hands-free pleasure with a suction cup vibrator. A suction cup vibrator is a must-have addition to any sex-toy enthusiast’s collection, ensuring a fulfilling experience with every thrust.

Key features and benefits of suction cup vibrators:

  • Easily attachable to any smooth, hard surface, these vibrating suction cup massagers offer an orgasmic journey wherever you desire – the shower being a natural choice!
  • Suction cup vibrators are highly sought after for both solo play and partnered activities, including strap-on and pegging adventures

Browse our full range of mind-blowing suction cup vibrators – buckle up, and enjoy the ride!

If you'd like us to choose for you, consider the Wall Banger G-Spot Vibe by 3Some (see picture).

Other incredibly popular vibrators

Yes, there’s more! These niche vibrators each constitute their own unique category:

Dildo vibrators

  • The simplicity of a good, old-fashioned dildo combined with a motor gives you the best of both worlds – check our dildo guides.

Smartphone app-controlled vibrators

Vibrating knickers and butterfly vibrators

  • Female-focused toys for clit-centred stimulation…check them out, and find more tips on how to play with them in our couples’ sex toy guides.

Love egg vibrators

Strap-on vibrators

  • Learn about the ins and outs of these toys in our comprehensive strap-on guides.

Anal vibrators

  • Please don’t use a ‘normal’ vibrator for anal insertion! Anal vibrators, specifically designed for backdoor play, feature a flared base (a stopper) and have special streamlined or graduated designs – check our 101 advice on anal sex toys for more. 

Nipple vibrators